Friday, April 29, 2011

havin' me some SOUP for lunch!

wut up, unity fans?!! i feel compelled to share with you my 3 favorite soups (in no particular order).

1.  the soup on E.  it cracks me up every time i watch it and it has a permanent spot on my DVR.  it is laugh-out-loud-funny.  if you don't watch it, you should. right now. go.

2.  chicken tortilla soup from the wal-mart.  omg.  yummy!  it is on the outside part of the store by the dips, deli, and fresh stuff.  next to the produce.  i throw some jalepenos in there and it's good to go.

3. jillibean soup stamps.  they are so flippin' cute...and versatile.  my new favorite set is:

                              my layout:

(scanner issues, sorry for the pic)
i actually got this set specifically for sports layouts.  i liked the stars, numbers, circles, and tickets.  i have one in the works RIGHT now on my scrap table.  stay tuned.

if you don't have this set....GO GET IT!!

and because you really can't get enough jillibean...

in true angela fashion, i will leave you with quotes:

"reese will not stop loving me.  i don't know what it is, but he JUST CAN'T get over me.  he's been chasing me at recess since kindergarten and NOW he's making me pictures.  i don't know what it is with me."
-abby erickson, grade one

"hey, mom.  i got a birthday paycheck today."
-ryan erickson, grade four (after getting a card in the mail from his grandparets)

-megan erickson, grade seven

have a SUPER friday! :) jen erickson

{Ippity} {Ippity}


Eva said...

Jen, your layouts are adorable with this amazing set (which I so need, love the tickets!!!), but the quotes are hilarious!!!! LOVE THEM!!!! Kids are just too precious!!!!

marilyn said...

LOVE your layouts and the quotes . . .well they are PRICELESS!!! Love the logic of kids.

NoraAnne said...

Super cute layouts, but the quotes have me LOL! SO adorable, your kids sound so funny!

Renee VanEpps said...

Oh my goodness! Thanks for the laugh!! Beautiful LO's too! ;)

Linda said...

geart stffed and fun too! I am all test my gmail account becuse I have able for two days! sad hotwheels

Noelle Reese said...

What beautiful layouts!!!

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