Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DT Tuesday

Hey...Maria here today!
and...that's me...taking a photo of myself in my bathroom :)
Yep...my walls are bright green...not that bright...I messed with the photo setting but still pretty bright.
I have an obsession with things that are white and distressed and bright colors.
I'm sure none of you have noticed my online absence lately but boy have I.
My hubby and I have been redoing our kitchen for the last TWO MONTHS.
Here is a sorta of before...kind of mid progress shot.
And here is the AFTER pictures....SO HAPPY TO HAVE THIS DONE!!
My Mom and I tiled the backsplash...neither one of use had done it before but after a ten minute you tube video I was sure I could handle the project.  Turns out I was right...it was really easy :)
...and I LOVE that faucet!!
I had planned on leaving the walls yellow but they did nothing for the cabinets...so I went with a BOLD blue...loving this too!!
The guy at the hardware store was entering the paint color into their system for future reference and he asked me where I would be using this color...when I told him the kitchen he said,
"to each his own"...hehe.
This color was welcomed with open arms by my hubby and kids but I did get a few strange looks over Easter.  Not everyone was digging the color but I get an instant smile when I walk in so it's all good :)
The floor was laid by my husband without my help.  My back completely gave out the day we were going to start this...guess I needed a break.
As FUN as it was to design the kitchen and then watch it transform I've never been happier to have a project done.  I've missed my craft room and browsing through blogs...my google reader is over 1000 right now.
In all the chaos I did have a few chances to sneak away and create but only
clean and simple designs.
I made this cute little graduation card using the Unity KOTM
Please tell me you get it...my husband didn't get it!!
Here I thought I was being all cute and clever...and he didn't get it!
I know when I graduated high school DONE was the best word ever.
Are you a FAN of Unity on Facebook??
You should be...I'll be posting a FUN...RANDOM question on the Unity page today...join in the fun and you could win your choice of an {Itty Bitty} stamp!!!!
Before I go...my Dad shared this quote with me this weekend.  He thought it would be great for a card...love that he was thinking of me.
If God brings you to it...
He'll bring you through it!

{Ippity} {Ippity}


Maria Levine said...

WOW, LOVE your new kitchen! How amazing you did it yourself, that is something I would never attempt. Can you come do mine also? LOL! Love your card!

Lacey said...

Love your kitchen!! This is my summer project... I too will be painting the cabinets white and we are getting black counter & flooring! It must be the in thing right now. I finally convinced my boyfriend to have a chalkboard wall and he agreed!! I'm not sure our accent wall color yet. I was thinking steel blue. Our living room / dining is open to our kitchen and those colors are grays & reds. love your card too!

Maria Gurnsey said...

A chalk wall sounds like SO MUCH FUN in a kitchen...mine would never be clean with the kiddos ;)

Angie Blom said...

Oh Maria... it looks amazing I love that blue in the kitchen. You and your hubby did an amazing job. Your card is perfect.. all done! love it.

Gwen said...

First of all, love the card, totally got it right away and will probably case it!
Second, I've painted my kitchen cabinets white and then on the tallest door I taped along the sides and painted it with chalkboard paint. Love it! The grandkids use it when they visit and their "art" stays on it till the next time. We had guests for Easter and one of the guys said how cool he thought it was to have the chalkboard right on the cupboard!
Great post!

Jnett's Place said...

Least favorite room - our junk room. Yep we have one and I just never get around to cleaning it. Once the kids were gone, we used one of the upstairs bedrooms for our overflow of stuff we just can't get rid of but don't want out on a regular basis. Without an attic, garage or basement we had to have something. Did I mention I hate cleaning it.

wearestampers said...

Wonderful job with the kitchen! Now you can relax, and enjoy! Perfect grad card too!!

Lori Craig said...

Your kitchen looks great, and I get it! :)

Squirlygirl said...

Maria, I love your white cabinets and subway tiles!! The blue is a good color too :) DONE, is a great word for graduation, hehe! TFS all of your projects with us today.

Corry said...

fabulous reno (tiled my own subway style backsplash a couple years back, fun fun) looks great and i'm sure you'll enjoy the end result.....and thanks to your dad for that quote...i need that today :) (and i'm borrowing it for my fb status if you don't mind!

Susan said...

"Got" your card! Done is an awesome word!!!

Love your kitchen make-over. You guys did a great job!!! The blue is great!

Anonymous said...

Totally got your card and wished I'd thought of it when I was making tons of grad cards last year! the kitchen is beautiful--kudos to you for doing it yourself!

Becky Thomas said...

oops, always forget to sign my name--not anonymous..lol

Lisa H. said...

OMG! I loooove what you did with your kitchen..seriously, wow! you should be soooo proud AND I get the card..phooey on your DH! I love it.

Renee VanEpps said...

Could you please tell me what color that blue paint is? I would LOVE to do my scraproom with it!! Thanks in advance!

Laura /sandytoz said...

Done is such a good word!

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