....follow your heart. a little personal post.

stepping onto my platform.
taking a personal moment.
it is my blog after all. 
so i can do that. 
read on.
with an open mind.
it is gossip about unity at its best.
so this is my tattoo. 
yep....i have a tattoo.
shocker, i know.
it is about 6 weeks old. give or take a week.
this little beauty took me YEARS to follow through on.
6 years to be exact.
it took me LONGER to decide get this tattoo than it did to build unity.
isn't that crazy?
 that is just a random thought.
and really - that has nothing to do with the reason i am standing on my platform with a whole lot to say.

"follow your heart" 
is my topic, right now.
it is permanently written on the right hand side of my body.
i can't escape it. 
it seems people have been READING my tattoo.....
dang it.
people all around me are following their heart, and moving on.
{new opportunity}
{opening boutique}
tommy t.
{following his furniture refinishing talent}
lisa hetrick
{new career direction with new company}
and soon - perhaps others i won't mention at this time.
all these lovely people are off and running on new, exciting adventures.
following their hearts.
isn't that exciting? 
it is.
 i am this real person.
and no matter HOW LOUD my head screams DON'T say it! - MY HEART wins.
it has been a growing experience to say the least.
after all, who in their right mind would want to move on from unity? 
that is kinda my thoughts...just sayin'
{however i just put out there that i am real - so i will admit 100% ....i completely understand why on so many different levels - it is life}

i won't tell you for ONE MINUTE it doesn't hurt to watch people move on.
i won't tell you for ONE MINUTE that don't have a million questions i would like to ask.
i won't tell you for ONE MINUTE i feel a mixture of every emotion in existence.
this is a new experience for me.  makes me question everything.
i know it is not very "business like" to admit, but guess what....i really don't care.
it is what it is.

follow your heart.
FOLLOW your heart.
follow YOUR heart.
follow your HEART.
i GET it.
EVERYONE has to.
not just the chick with the tattoo on her side. 

through all the REAL emotions i am experiencing right now.
i have to say this.
i am glad they are following their heart.
taking whatever unity offered them and moving on. 
i can only hope i had a little bit to do with that.

so now it comes down to this.
i have to follow mine as well.

...i think that is the hardest thing to do.
to hear my heart say.  protect me
and then no matter what the cost - protect.
to hear my heart say. trust me.
and then no matter what the cost - trust.
to hear my heart say. move on.
and then no matter what the cost - move on.
to hear my heart say. open me up.
and then no matter what the cost - open up.
to hear my heart say. listen to me.
and then no matter what the cost - listen
to hear my heart say. let go. be brave. you can do this.
geez. I KNOW!
you can't run from your heart.  i know. i try, sometimes.
then it hooks itself RIGHT back on my sleeve and taunts me.
"hello! i am back!"

so there it is. 
the big secret is out.
people are moving on.
it is all good.

and the beautiful thing is this.
behind them they leave open doors.
...and new people move in.
and unity continues.
bigger, better and even more exciting thanks to what they leave behind.
 new smiles, beautiful faces, and opportunity to offer.
really - when it comes down to it....a thank you is in order.
to each and every person that has come through the doors of unity....and given a piece of themselves.
in doing so, possibility for so many more to "follow their heart" comes into play.
so THANK YOU - to EVERYONE that has had ANYTHING to do with UNITY and made the decision to move on.
there are many - and there will be many more.
THAT is a beautiful thing.

i had to say that.
i am now stepping OFF my pedestal....

"We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere." 
---Tim McGraw

trust yourself.  you know MORE than you THINK you do.
-benjamin spock

 i've heard it said 

that people come into our lives for a reason 
bringing something we must learn 
..and we are led 
to those who help us most to grow 
if we let them 
and we help them in return 
- wicked

{Ippity} {Ippity}