Wednesday, March 16, 2011

....follow your heart. a little personal post.

stepping onto my platform.
taking a personal moment.
it is my blog after all. 
so i can do that. 
read on.
with an open mind.
it is gossip about unity at its best.
so this is my tattoo. 
yep....i have a tattoo.
shocker, i know.
it is about 6 weeks old. give or take a week.
this little beauty took me YEARS to follow through on.
6 years to be exact.
it took me LONGER to decide get this tattoo than it did to build unity.
isn't that crazy?
 that is just a random thought.
and really - that has nothing to do with the reason i am standing on my platform with a whole lot to say.

"follow your heart" 
is my topic, right now.
it is permanently written on the right hand side of my body.
i can't escape it. 
it seems people have been READING my tattoo.....
dang it.
people all around me are following their heart, and moving on.
{new opportunity}
{opening boutique}
tommy t.
{following his furniture refinishing talent}
lisa hetrick
{new career direction with new company}
and soon - perhaps others i won't mention at this time.
all these lovely people are off and running on new, exciting adventures.
following their hearts.
isn't that exciting? 
it is.
 i am this real person.
and no matter HOW LOUD my head screams DON'T say it! - MY HEART wins.
it has been a growing experience to say the least.
after all, who in their right mind would want to move on from unity? 
that is kinda my thoughts...just sayin'
{however i just put out there that i am real - so i will admit 100% ....i completely understand why on so many different levels - it is life}

i won't tell you for ONE MINUTE it doesn't hurt to watch people move on.
i won't tell you for ONE MINUTE that don't have a million questions i would like to ask.
i won't tell you for ONE MINUTE i feel a mixture of every emotion in existence.
this is a new experience for me.  makes me question everything.
i know it is not very "business like" to admit, but guess what....i really don't care.
it is what it is.

follow your heart.
FOLLOW your heart.
follow YOUR heart.
follow your HEART.
i GET it.
EVERYONE has to.
not just the chick with the tattoo on her side. 

through all the REAL emotions i am experiencing right now.
i have to say this.
i am glad they are following their heart.
taking whatever unity offered them and moving on. 
i can only hope i had a little bit to do with that.

so now it comes down to this.
i have to follow mine as well.

...i think that is the hardest thing to do.
to hear my heart say.  protect me
and then no matter what the cost - protect.
to hear my heart say. trust me.
and then no matter what the cost - trust.
to hear my heart say. move on.
and then no matter what the cost - move on.
to hear my heart say. open me up.
and then no matter what the cost - open up.
to hear my heart say. listen to me.
and then no matter what the cost - listen
to hear my heart say. let go. be brave. you can do this.
geez. I KNOW!
you can't run from your heart.  i know. i try, sometimes.
then it hooks itself RIGHT back on my sleeve and taunts me.
"hello! i am back!"

so there it is. 
the big secret is out.
people are moving on.
it is all good.

and the beautiful thing is this.
behind them they leave open doors.
...and new people move in.
and unity continues.
bigger, better and even more exciting thanks to what they leave behind.
 new smiles, beautiful faces, and opportunity to offer.
really - when it comes down to it....a thank you is in order.
to each and every person that has come through the doors of unity....and given a piece of themselves.
in doing so, possibility for so many more to "follow their heart" comes into play.
so THANK YOU - to EVERYONE that has had ANYTHING to do with UNITY and made the decision to move on.
there are many - and there will be many more.
THAT is a beautiful thing.

i had to say that.
i am now stepping OFF my pedestal....

"We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere." 
---Tim McGraw

trust yourself.  you know MORE than you THINK you do.
-benjamin spock

 i've heard it said 

that people come into our lives for a reason 
bringing something we must learn 
..and we are led 
to those who help us most to grow 
if we let them 
and we help them in return 
- wicked

{Ippity} {Ippity}


Tanis said...

This post leaves me sad and happy all at the same time. For so many reasons.
I will miss these Unity faces but wish them nothing but the best as they follow their hearts.
THANKS to each one of you for all you've done!!!

Katrina said...

So hard to let go of things, even when it is the right thing to do.....but they will ALWAYS be a piece of Unity!!! And so ok to be a little sad....or maybe more bittersweet.....kind of like caterpillars turning into butterflies and flying away.......hugs, Katrina

Beejay said...

Angela, you gave and received wings from these people! How lovely to share some time together, to be able to grow and care. Wow! You are blessed!

Lacey said...

I love your honesty! I wish I could be as honest and open as you are! Change is HARD, people moving on is HARD, I struggle with that as well. But you are right - it opens the door for others and people who are EXCITED to take on the new adventure and make unity grow. So best wishes to all. I wish I lived closer to help you in the adventure... I'm only a 3 hour car drive away :D

FibreJunky said...

A)The tattoo is lovely. I'm glad you got it, because it's a reminder of all the wings that you've given to so many people, in addition to the wings you have yourself.

I'm not a huge fan of change, particularly when it comes with people going away, but look at all the new talent that you've found over the past nearly 3 years...and at how much Unity has grown. Unity will continue to grow. You'll find even more new talent...

Everything will work out just the way it's supposed to.

((((BIG HUGS))))

Carolyn King said...

Love. this. post.

Just sayin'!


Carisa said...

i absolutely love it when you write so freely and openly like this. i think the women that you have touched and strengthened is a true testiment to the amazing beautiful person YOU are. i <3 unity and all that it means. i've always described your company as magic and this is why. you empower us in our art and our lives to be able to FOLLOW OUR HEARTS. i can't thank you enough for that. :D

Tricia Wilson said...

"Who can say that I've been changed for the better? But, because I knew you, I have been changed for good."

Eva said...

Look at you with wearing your heart on your sleeves! :) And that is why we ALL LOVE YOU and Unity so much! I am a big believer in the quote by Wicked. I live my life by that today and it took me a while to get it, but life is so much better that way. You have and keep touching so many people's lives....and looks like you have also been blessed and by these amazing people, who have come through your doors. It's something to be happy about for sure! Big HUGS to you!!

Lisa said...

....and we help them in return....

Remember that. :) One of my favorite statements - change is inevitable, except in vending machines!

Wish I lived in MN instead of to know the incredible that is Unity.

Ann Marie said...

I read this post and I thought "why can't I be a great part of that community you have going there?" That's where my heart would be ..... I need to move to MN -- I would be begging you to be part of that circle!!! xoxoxox.

Angie Blom said...

You make others around you dream of success because you empower others with the spirit to succeed!

Unity has to have a history and now this is just a part of that.. And what wonderful stories and memories you will hold close to your heart! Knowing that you were a part of their future successes! I believe it is more easier to let them go knowing that they are taking a leap of faith and following their own heart! They will all be truly missed and I wish for all their dreams to come true!

Erin said...

Love to you from Minnesota...This is beautiful Angela!!! Your honesty is inspiring <3

marilyn said...

I totally understand what you are feeling--it is nice to see friends and coworkers moving towards their dreams. On the other hand, it is difficult when it involves them leaving us. I'm sure you you had a part in them following their dreams. We will all miss them.

Junebugpins said...

I'm so happy to be considered a tiny part in Unity...I've recieved far more inspriation that I ever thought I could get!
Love you all...Love your the Stamp Kit of the that I'm a better person from being here with you all...
Thanks for all the love...and sharing...and your big beautiful heart!!!

Tracey Malnofski said...

Big hugz...<3
We all love, love, love Unity!!!
Please let me know what I can do to help out.
****Unity Artistas Rule!!!***

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

I asked that same question when I saw the post about Eryn's new boutique--WHY would ANYONE leave UNITY!??? LOL!

I totally agree--we need to follow our heart. So glad that all of these wonderful people were a part of Unity, and that I got to be a part of their time there....I spoke with Eryn and Michelle the most--they are super super amazing! I'm excited to see what these new adventures will bring them and for UNITY!! Only bigger and better--I'm sure;)

Good luck to Michelle, Eryn, Tommy T., and Lisa H.!!

Noelle Reese said...

I have something to say too! Some things you say just might not be very "buisness like" but that happens to be one of my favorite things about you and Unity! The stamps speak for themselves, the quality, the perfectness etc. But what you speak moves a lot of people! I wish I could be a part of your team!
I have had a lot of great times laughing with all of your Peeps and miss them as they go. I think you and Unity and all of your Peeps are fantastic and love what you do! Keep on following that heart of yours! It's leading you in the perfect direction! [I'm still not jealous of that tat though! The thought of that needle makes me well up and want to cry LOL]

Squirlygirl said...

Angela I love your honesty! Being so open will help you with the rollercoaster ride of emotions that will continue much longer than you think it will. I am sending you BIG hugs because I know as I travel the same track as you are currently on. I just closed my scrapbook store (dream)but I am taking with me so much more than I am leaving behind in the friendships and lessons I have learned along the way.

Voicing outloud your emotions and being at peace with yourself are the first step.

Congrats to everyone and the wonderful relationships you have formed!

Amber S said...

I really love reading your blog. Your words are as much of a beautiful creation as others' cards and layouts. Few people can use words as art. You can. It makes for a lovely read.

Sometimes change sucks. A lot of times, actually. But it's hard to get bored with change! It makes life interesting.

And your tattoo is beautiful. I've wanted one for yeeeeaaarrrss (much, much more than 6), just can't commit to a nice image. Plus, I'm scared of pain! :)

Patricia said...

First of all, I want to say that I love your tattoo. I don't have any, but have had a few piercings!

Second of all, I have only been stamping for a short time (about 8 months) and my first experience was when I started as an ippity chick. I have not been dissapointed! You and your company seems more like family to me than just a stamp company. I have dealt with a lot of craft companies over the years but nothing like this. Being a part of ippity and Unity gives me a sense of belonging. I want to thank you for that! Please don't change who you are, Angela, because you rock!!

NancyP said...

Not sure if I am wording this right, but your beautifully worded post and that wonderful tatoo reminded me of a saying I heard a long time ago.
"If you have something (or someone) you love, let it go. If it (or they) returns to you, it is yours to keep. If it doesn't, it was never yours to begin with." These precious people that came into your life for a short spell were only on loan. There was a lesson to be learned---from you to them and from them to you. You may never know what that lesson was, bugt it's there, a permanent part of your life. When the lesson is learned, it is time to move on----and so we keep learning and growing and passing on to others. But look at how you have been blessed!!!!! Look at how we have been blessed with what you have shared with us!!!

Bonita Rose said...

All will be well Angela... all will be well.. You know it will. You will be introduced to some amazing people, I know you will... and Unity will grow! xo I too wish Fargo was so much closer, I'd love to help you and your team in whatever way I could! xo You are special. Your whole company is special. xo

Certified Scrapaholic said...

I have been blessed to know you and your husband in this industry and to call you friends. I would love for you to read my post that your post encouraged me to do.

I nearly quit this industry after the things that happened at the Winter show and am glad that I did not let that happen.

Thank you for not only being honest, BUT REAL!

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