Time for Jimmi's (eh HEM JESS's) Sunday Faves!

HELLO, everyone!

It's Jess here filling in for Jimmi this Sunday for my own little version of

I could actually share a TON more today, but hey, you're all getting ready for those Oscar Parties tonight or perhaps enjoying a lazy Sunday?  I'll make it short-ish but wait until you check out these AMAZING Gallery finds:

Check out this adorable card from Gwendolyn46

...and this stunning altered notebook by FibreJunky!

Last but not least, I am soooo ready for Spring and it's been rumored that I ADORE butterflies (haha), so when I saw these tags by E.Noll my little heart went boom-boom:

Beautiful work ladies!  Love them all!

Now, onto my BOYFRIEND.   Yes, many of you know that I've been happily married for 11 years but alas, I have a new boyfriend:

as in, Kate Walsh's new FRAGRANCE!

I am soooooooooo not a celebrity perfume gal.  Honestly, I rarely like any of them and find them to be a bit "cheaper" than the other stuff available, but OMG I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE w/ this one!  Thankfully I really like Kate Walsh as an actress, but that's just a nice aside :)  Seriously, I have been savoring the last of the perfume I had and had to save my pennies for something new but it was WELL worth it!  I normally have like 4-5 bottles going at a time but was dangerously low..and it doesn't help that perfume is CRAZY expensive and that I am SUPER picky!

Enough, I know.  But seriously.  LOVE.

I'm also smitten with this new Too Faced palette-aren't these colors DREAMY?

Last but not least, I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited to be going over to my parents' house later for some Oscar fun and most of all...my Mom's FAMOUS lasagna:

Ok, it's not really famous-but it is in the fam.  My Dad also makes a "famous" chili that I adore on cool fall days and Superbowl Sunday.  But tonight-MANGIA MANGIA!

Last but not least-have you SEEN the amazing entries in the NEW Unity Challenge?  I am blown away by ALL of your creativity!  Remember you have until 3/14 to enter and also be sure to check out this week's HIP HOP Sketch Challenge!

That's it for me-hope you're all having a STELLAR Sunday!