Sunday, February 27, 2011

Time for Jimmi's (eh HEM JESS's) Sunday Faves!

HELLO, everyone!

It's Jess here filling in for Jimmi this Sunday for my own little version of

I could actually share a TON more today, but hey, you're all getting ready for those Oscar Parties tonight or perhaps enjoying a lazy Sunday?  I'll make it short-ish but wait until you check out these AMAZING Gallery finds:

Check out this adorable card from Gwendolyn46

...and this stunning altered notebook by FibreJunky!

Last but not least, I am soooo ready for Spring and it's been rumored that I ADORE butterflies (haha), so when I saw these tags by E.Noll my little heart went boom-boom:

Beautiful work ladies!  Love them all!

Now, onto my BOYFRIEND.   Yes, many of you know that I've been happily married for 11 years but alas, I have a new boyfriend:

as in, Kate Walsh's new FRAGRANCE!

I am soooooooooo not a celebrity perfume gal.  Honestly, I rarely like any of them and find them to be a bit "cheaper" than the other stuff available, but OMG I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE w/ this one!  Thankfully I really like Kate Walsh as an actress, but that's just a nice aside :)  Seriously, I have been savoring the last of the perfume I had and had to save my pennies for something new but it was WELL worth it!  I normally have like 4-5 bottles going at a time but was dangerously low..and it doesn't help that perfume is CRAZY expensive and that I am SUPER picky!

Enough, I know.  But seriously.  LOVE.

I'm also smitten with this new Too Faced palette-aren't these colors DREAMY?

Last but not least, I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited to be going over to my parents' house later for some Oscar fun and most of Mom's FAMOUS lasagna:

Ok, it's not really famous-but it is in the fam.  My Dad also makes a "famous" chili that I adore on cool fall days and Superbowl Sunday.  But tonight-MANGIA MANGIA!

Last but not least-have you SEEN the amazing entries in the NEW Unity Challenge?  I am blown away by ALL of your creativity!  Remember you have until 3/14 to enter and also be sure to check out this week's HIP HOP Sketch Challenge!

That's it for me-hope you're all having a STELLAR Sunday!



Erin said...

WOO HOO thanks Jess!!!!

FibreJunky said...

SQUEEEE!!!!! You just made my WEEK, Jess!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!

sharon g said...

If only you could share your mom's lasagne and your dad's chili.....YUMMMM. It might get stuck in the computer, though....

Marcy said...

Gorgeous picks this week Jess!!

Your mom's Lasagna looks out of this world. YUMMY!~ Hope you enjoyed it!


Gwen said...

Woohoo, pretty excited to open the post just now! Thanks so much for picking my card! Love Carole's journal!

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