My Sunday Favorites {jimmi}

 Howdy ho, peeps!

I'm here...with some fun favorites to share!

let's start with the cards...and then we'll get to the ;)

Here are some BEAUTIES from
our SCS Gallery!
Won't you stop by there and give these ladies some love???


Kim Dellow






Kimberly Crawford


Yep, we have the most talented friends at Unity!

now here are some of the favorite things from my week.

OK, 1st, I saw the Justin Bieber movie, Never Say Never..
luckily my niece was here from FL so I had an excuse ;)
and it was AMAZING!
What a sweet, kind young man...
a good role model, loves his family,
loves his friends, TALENTED,
driven, funny...totally adorable...
and that hair!
Yes, I a bunch of times...
it was touching, his mom was a young mom
like I was
it was touching...
Anyway, go see it....drag a pre-teen with you if you must
or go with some friends, I think everyone should see it...
you'll be surprised


It was kind of a HUGE makeup week for me!
like the HUGEST
I finally got the NAKED PALETTE
from Urban Decay...
been on the wait list for like 9 months!
and a friends time came up and she didn't need it anymore
so she let me get hers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I spent like 2 days watching Youtube tutorials
of different looks
found hundreds
and am in makeup HEAVEN!
and now they have it in-stock but it's a little different.
no eyeliners in the new one but you still NEED it, yes all of you :)

I got this too...

I am sharing it with a it's not that bad, right???
and these eyeliners are AMAZING!
they last 24 hours for real, for real ;)

OK, then last night...while looking for some new work boots
for the husband...
I accidentally went to NY&Co...
it's the Pant Event and the signs were just too inviting
it's really not my fault...
and got these:

and this cardigan:

oh and this one...with that tank to match.

and this
this, too
to go with them...

and Mike was such a sport!
usually I spare him the pain but he hung in there...
you should have heard the cashier trying to convince him
of what a DEAL I got ;)
Oh and no, we didn't find him any boots...poor guy.

OK, I do believe that's all....
Oh, did y'all know that Sex and The City
is on E! like all the time...
long marathons on the weekends...
So basically the last 3 weekends
I have been watching them...for hours and hours.
I miss those girls.
It's nice to have them back in my life ;)

Hope you find some JOY!
and FUN!
and HAPPY!
in your day!


{Ippity} {Ippity}