it's an ITTY BITTY sale. BUY 3 get one FREE - and a sneak peek - for MARCH!

everything unity is MADE in the U.S.A.
did you know that?
we MANUFACTURE absolutely every single little red stamp that leaves this building.
in manufacturing we do something called "PRESSING A PLATE"
some of our plates have TWO kits on them.
one on TOP, one on BOTTOM.
Sometimes stores buy in bulk and purchase 50 of the top kit and 0 of the bottom.
so THEN we have 50 little kits WAITING for homes.
that is the case today.

Iron Orchid Designs
so, so BEAUTIFUL!  
is OVERSTOCK because the stamp kit on top had a big STORE ORDER come in.
only $14
CLICK ON THE PICTURE of this stamp kit! 
here are some real life shots
there are 6 stamps in this kit.
they are HUGE. and  VERY useable.
they are discounted.
while quantities last.
{these will come to you WITHOUT packaging}

these are TWO different stamps.

Measures 2.5 X 3.75

that's not all!!!!

itty bitty stamps by unity.
all 103 of them.
7 pages of INDIVIDUAL high quality stamps.

buy 3 get 1 free
buy 6 get 2 free
buy 9 get 3 free

etc. etc. etc.

HOW to order?
put your choice of itty bitty stamps in your cart.
if you have 3 stamps in your cart - please put the name and item number of 1 FREE itty bitty of your choice in the COMMENT SECTION at checkout.

if you have 6 stamps in your cart - please put the name and item number of 2 FREE itty bitty stamps of your choice in the COMMENT SECTION and so on and so forth.

cool beans?
if you have a question - email me.

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Check out these ADORABLE cards done by Maria Gurnsey
done with THIS itty bitty.

created by unity artista: brooke smith

Click on the instruction sheet below to see the adorable card with FULL instructions created by design team member Maria Gurnsey

We have TONS of samples !

Even on the Unity BLOG HOP TODAY!

Pooey Love by SUZI Blu - Shown Below is one of our ITTY BITTY stamps.
CLICK HERE to see it in action by design team member
Lesley Landgon

SO SO SO many more!

Go buy 3 - get one FREE!!!
CLICK HERE to see all your choices.

Here are a few more samples done with 
itty bitty stamps by unity

BY THE AMAZING AND Lovely and FABULOUS sense of humored 
design team member 
Kimber McGray
click on the card to see the stamp used. 

Enjoy your Thursday!
Stock up on your itty bitty stamps by unity!

and here is a little sneak.

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{Ippity} {Ippity}