Jimmi's Sunday Favorites!

Good Sunday morning and Happy Halloween!

Hope you're having a good weekend so far and plan to have a great Sunday!
I'll be lazing around the house, watching TV, basically just chillin'.

I do have some BEAUTIFUL cards to show you! They are ALL from the Unity Gallery on SCS, I hope you'll visit the gallery often and leave some love. There is SO MUCH talent just pouring out of the gallery, we can barely contain it all ;)




Laurel Seabrook


Gorgeous and INSPIRING cards don't you think?
It wouldn't be a Sunday if I didn't share more than cards.

My all-time favorite picture of the week (of Rachel):My favorite outfit of the week (me as a butterfly):
My favorite paper of the week (Echo Park Wintertime)

My favorite make-up purchase (elf 100 eyeshadow pallet, I got mine at Target last night, it's sold out online...but it's a MUST HAVE):and you have to get this elf eyeshadow brush to go with it, I bought all 3 they had at Target last night, I probably have 20 of them...I just never want to run out, lol! AND THEY ARE $1!My favorite clothing purchase...I think it will be CUTE with my leggings and tall boots, don't you?
I just ordered it online last night so I'm just loving it from the picture, we'll see (there was a $50 off $100 NY&Co coupon that expired last night at midnight...so I was ordering around 11:30pm when I finally gave in! that coupon is too good to ignore!)
Well, I was talkative this morning, hope that's OK with y'all. I'm off to watch some TV and maybe have a nap now...I was up at 8am! HORROR, now that's scary Halloween stuff right there! Don't know what came over me...EEEEEKKKK!

Have a FABOOLOUS day!