Jimmi's Favorite Things Sunday!

Morning everyone :)

Today is a beautiful day!

Enuff said, let's begin!

All of the cards come from the Unity SCS Gallery, hope you'll visit everyday!

Let's start with Miss Lydia (Understandblue)...yellow skies...ain't nothin' but yellow skies... :)Here is a card with striking colors by ddaws:

This vintagey card by debdeb is so elegant:

Here is a CUTE card by katolejnik:

I LOVE the colors of this card by Stampin Fanatic:

dahlhousedesigns made this simple inspiring card:
Now I thought I'd show you the boots I got yesterday but I can't seem to find an image to copy here so I'll just have to use one I took, but you can find them at DSW and they are SO cute and SO comfy, love them! The have the zipper on the inside but it doesn't unzip all the way it's a 3/4 zip so they are perfect to pull on and then you can pull your jeans down into them and the top stays at the top and doesn't fall down...serious science going on here!And here is the sweater I am loving from NY&Co right now, I want to wear it everyday!Oh and these Jean Leggings...they are really denim they are just super stretchy and tight...are PERFECT to go in those cute boots, I know, I tried it last night :)

And now I'm off to ULTA for some of my favorite lip gloss (Dolly) that I am out of it...TRAGIC!

Have a FABULOUS day!