Thursday, October 28, 2010

hip HOP flip FLOP -unity & JILLIBEAN - 40% off sale.

so. yesterday.
i sent an email to my girls at unity. 
please come.
10 am
my house.
i requested Andrea, Eryn, Lisa & Amy to come to the magnuson home.
this was a little out of the ordinary.
they arrived. 
yet smiling.
my goal.....was simply focus. 
sometimes at unity things get so crazy - the phone rings the emails come in, everyone in unity needs to DO something or have a question answered.
my home seemed like a great place meet....uninterrupted - don't ya think?
besides...i make starbucks coffee - not armpit coffee. {hee, hee - just had to say it sweetie}
so here is my point in telling you this.
we accomplished TONS!
...and it felt SO GREAT!
i just love the women in unity. 
{and the boys, but the women - they amaze me}
today confirmed that ONCE again we have stellar people building this company.
love that.
so watch for the changes. 
change = growth.
decisions were made and the excitement is brewing. 
p.s. don't call unity on tuesday mornings moving forward.
we are all at MY HOUSE building unity.
bigger and bigger.
it is a process - that is a fact.

we have things HAPPENING!
40% off
{no minimum purchase}
coupon code: UNITY40
here is something VERY exciting that i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

We have a BRAND NEW Co-Brand.

....and we are so honored to sit side by side with this amazing company.
forever and ever.
all 4 kits.
and they are ON SALE!!!!!
40% off.
WHO does THAT?
we do. 
'cause we love ya!

This Jillibean Soup Unity Stamp Collection 
don't you just LOVE that?!
Click HERE to view the PATTERNED paper collection.

Here is the Deal.
YOU NEED TO KNOW this Company.
I LOVE them. 
CLICK HERE to visit their blog!
They will be SHOWCASING projects FRIDAY.
HOWEVER - TODAY - you should CLICK HERE to visit their BLOG.
all the bits and beans you need to know about jillibean soup
leave some love.
i am picking a winner off their blog. 
we will send you one piece of EACH of the Christmas Chestnut Soup on Kraft Collection PAPER.
CLICK here - if you are NOT a FACEBOOK fan of UNITY Stamp Company.
Because - TODAY
Starting at Midnight Tonight going through Midnight on Thursday.
We think we need 20,000 new Unity Stamp Fans.
don't you?

OK - Time for some FLIP FLOP HipHop.
we do this ONCE a month for some FUN.

UNITY Design Team is using 


{ippity} Design Team is using


CLICK on the BUTTON BELOW to get started!

Chris and I are going to be Bonnie and Clyde for Halloween. 
chris will have a beard and I will have some serious ACNE/SCAR issues.....{don't ask}
so it won't be accurate, but it WILL be fun.
Bonnie and Clyde.
We are REBELS aren't we?

we will be sure to post photos.
tradition calls for a FUN NIGHT out with friends.
our kids tolerate our juvenile behavior at this time of the year.
we have good boys.


for real.
YOU are going to LOVE this KIT!

please note:
if you are a CURRENT customer but have NOT registered on the NEW WEBSITE you will need to do so.
NEW WEBSITE, New registration!

ok. i am out. 
i was awake working at 4 am and it is now 10 pm. 
i am nuts.
that is 18 hours.
{i will confess, it was a FABULOUS day...and i am VERY happy}


40% off
{no minimum purchase}
coupon code: UNITY40

{Ippity} {Ippity}


Kary said...

Angela, I've enjoyed reading your post. I really think you are doing great things at Unity with fantastic ideas. Plus you listen and work to please your customers. Well done!! I'm a FAN!

Wendy ten Hove said...

Wow, lots of news in the post today and soooo many fun things!!! I love Jillibean and just checked out their blog - fun and colorful! And that new sneak is again amazing!!! Can't wait for the total, I'm loving it all and you've put a smile upon my face before starting my own busy working day - love Unity!!!

Hugs, Wendy

cindy said...

Fabulous work as always Angela. Thanks for the 411.

Terri E. said...

So, are you going to be selling the paper as well? I did check your site, but probably missed it.

It's a good life!
Terri E.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Unity + Jillibean = me very EXCITED!! How fun!! The new collections looks AMAZING!! Ah, I love Jillibean Soup! I love Unity! This is a good thing!! Fun and happy Thursday morning!! :)

Erika said...

So excited about Unity and Jillibean joining forces. Love the new stamps.. You're the best!!!

Lisa H. said...

LOOOOVE days like that and like TODAY! thanks so much for this great co-branded stamps-they are beyond CUTE!!!!

NoraAnne said...

This is SO exciting, I love Jillibean soup and of course I LOVE UNITY! What a great partnership! I already have lots of the Jillibean paper line, now I just need the stamps ;)
and I can't wait to see some Halloween pics!

Katie said...

Hooray!! JBS+Unity=AWESOME!!! Love the new stamps! Congrats and thanks for the fun! Off to hop...

Lillian Child said...

Talk about an exciting day! WOW! Just reading your post worked me up into an inspirational frenzy! And talk about a perfect match! Mixing Jillibean Soup and Unity is like sticking a piece of chocolate into peanut butter - DELICIOUS results! And I think November is going to be THE month where I save ALL my pennies to get the KOM - the sneaks have been un-believe-able!!

FibreJunky said...

Ooooh, Jillibean Soup!! I LOVELOVELOVE Jillibean Soup!!! Now all you guys need to do is to team up with Basic Grey and I will be in 7th HEAVEN!!

marilyn said...

WOW - wish I lived close by so I could work for Unity. You seem to embody what I love in a business. You are a family and that is so important. Thanks for sharing your stories of growth.

Christine S. said...

Unity - you just keep amazing me!! I heart u and I just heart this new line from Jillibean Soup -the snowmen are just so stinkin cute!! I cannot wait to get my paws on these Unity/JB Soup stamp sets to go along with the paper I already have!! It is like you know me so well as you just keep making things I love!! Keep up the good work.

Lacey said...

LOVING these Jillibean soup way too cute! what a great match up! Glad you found a 'meeting' location that is productive...that can always be a challenge. and lovin the Nov. sneak peeks for the KOTM - seriously glad I subscribed in sept! BEST thing I've done for myself all year!

email: said...

Seriously LOVING the new Jillibean sets...very cute! Can't wait to get 'em! :)


Amanda said...

I just finished the blog hop. All the projects are awesome! :)

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Wow....exciting news and awesome blog hop today!!!

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