Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jimmi's Sunday Favorites!

Happy Sunday everyone all over the world!

I hope you are having a great weekend and doing what you love :)

Today I want to start with my shopping trip yesterday. I went with my good friend and we headed out to our favorite store...I know you know what it is, lol...with our coupons in hand...and I got a leggings outfit! AH! It's all the sales ladies fault! We were looking at them and talking about how we could NEVER pull them off and she was like "try them, you will be surprised..." and I already had a cool, flowy black sweater in my hands to buy and SHE said they would go perfectly with it so I really had no choice!

So I tried then and loved them with that sweater and a pretty fitted tunic underneath!I just got plain black leggings (no jeggings or anything crazy!) and they were only $9.95.
I wish I could show you the sweater but it's not online...darn it, because you will LOVE it. I think it's going to be my signature Fall item! Just imagine a kind of long, flowy, sweater with no buttons with a big, flowy collar... :)

Anyway, that's my story!

OH and the BEST part, when I got home I did my usual fashion show for the hubs and he LOVES the leggings outfit, very sexy he said and Rachel, my 18 year old, said the same thing! She actually said she was jealous and wants a leggings outfit, too!

Now that's a good outfit!

OK, how about some cards!

These are ALL from the Unity SCS Gallery. I hope you are visiting that gallery frequently because there are ideas GALORE in there. I spend time there EVERY DAY! pretty much no matter what! I adore seeing all the Unity cards!

That's all the favorites for me today! I hope you'll go to the Gallery and find some of your favorites too and SPREAD the LOVE!

Have a great day!



StampinCathy said...

Beautiful picks Jimmi! Ok...I want to see the outfit. But that outfit on and take a picture! I want to see this sexy outfit my friend. Maybe I will even want one too!

Angie Blom said...

These are all so awesome.. and Thanks Jimmi for putting me in there.. I was surprised to see this. Happy Happy!! Awesome Cards everyone!!

Shemaine Smith said...

Wow girls! Amazing cards here!! Love it!

Angela said...

Great cards! Em's is my favorite :)

Morissa Sweeney (SCS - stampinsweeney) said...

A leggings fun! I've gotta get rid of baby fat first. :) Thanks for sharing my card!

Kathy said...

Sending you a great big thank you for the link/info about the jeans on the delia's website!!! I'm definitely not a junior- world's oldest junior maybe:) But I'm small. I recently got sick and lost weight, so now I'm kinda puny. Buying pants has been a challenge. I've even bought petites because they are cut smaller, and had the hem let out to try to add more length to them. I saw your link to the website, and found the little sizes in all lengths. I ordered 3 pairs - 2 pairs of jeans and a pair of cords, and I love them! It was too easy...buying pants/jeans usually means many trips to the dressing room. You were right..just the right rise, not too high and not too low. Cute pockets and so many lengths to pick from:) Happy me thanking you!!! your cards too. They make me smile!

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