bittersweet transition....

Friday -  February 6, 2009
I made a quick call to a gal that had been in my mind for awhile.
She answered and I asked. 
"Wanna come work at Unity?"
The answer was yes - and we welcomed Michelle to the manufacturing end of Unity.
It wasn't long till her personality and talents were recognized. 
She was a busy body that had an intoxicating laugh and personality. 
Made ya just want to hang out with her all day.
So very shortly after she was hired - we asked her to do what she does best.
Take care of people.  Our customers.
She was put in charge of Wholesale Clients, Distribution and the Launch of {ippity}.
She SHINED...and continues to shine.

She is taking her shiny self into a new adventure. 
I think it is fabulous that she is able to follow heart.
It is necessary for her family, and I honor that.

Journey's are meant to end. 
There is never a good time for it.
We are sad that she is taking a path different than ours.
We will miss her terribly.
I hope you join me in wishing her the most BRILLIANT new journey possible. 

She is still with us for a couple more weeks. 
{maybe more - depending on the FABULOUS gal that takes her place}
Take this time to say goodbye and establish any concerns you may have.
Our promise to you is that Unity has ALWAYS maintained the most amazing people.
We will find someone WONDERFUL - Michelle will make sure of this, I know.
Opening up an OPPORTUNITY for someone else!
We have interviewed a TON of lovely ladies and we are in the process of making our decision as this Holiday weekend passes.  
So we are going to stay positive  and KNOW that WE ARE RIGHT WHERE WE SHOULD BE.

{Ippity} {Ippity}