ALL about the JOURNEY & Bold INSIGHT.....

This is the SECOND SATURDAY of the Month so we are show casing the NEW Store Kit of the Month.

These KITS are FRESH AND NEW each month and available ONLY in some of your favorite ONLINE and Brick and Mortar stores.

You will not find them on the Unity Website HOWEVER you WILL find them from some of the WONDERFUL people that bring you your favorite crafting supplies.

If I didn't have a SHORTAGE of time right now I would have SO MUCH TO say regarding the TITLES of both of these Kits. 

There are TWO KITS

ARTISTS: Joslyn Nielson & Lisa Hetrick

The top of the picture represents ONE and the BOTTOM represents the other.

These Kits come in ADORABLE Unique Packaging and are ALL UN-MOUNTED and Pre-Cut ready to be played with  RIGHT OUT OF THE PACKAGE!

As a SPECIAL Treat we have decided to have ALL MY Unity Design Team Member make a sweet sample using the kits.  I have each one of them showcased right here on the Unity Blog!

Wendy Chang

Pamela Young

Julie Campbell

Kimber McGray

Christi Snow

Natalie Dever

Lesley Langdon

AJ Otto

Shemaine Smith

Jen Erickson

Brooke Lien

Jimmi Mayo

Jessica Diedrich


Remembering all those of 911 and the families of each and every person lost....
Our hearts are ALL with you!

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