Jimmi's Sunday Favorites!

Happy Sunday my fabulous friends!
(I think I missed last Sunday...I am SO SORRY, it was a weird week, just "off", but I'm back!)

This week I have lots of favorites for you, cards, beauty stuff, kids stuff......

Let's get started.

First of all my very favorite recent purchase is Benefits Confessions of a Concealaholic set! LOVE IT with all my heart. I went to ULTA to get some Erase Paste which is the worlds best concealer and I saw this...with my Erase Paste and a few other things I had not tried, so I got it and what a great choice that was! The That Gal primer stuff is so amazing I can just put that on and my skin is like porcelain with no makeup on it....ahhhhhhhh...love it. Anyway, everyone needs this, it's a MUST HAVE!
I don't see it at ULTA online but Sephora has it ;)
Card time....this one is by Sankari (she is SO sweet and beautiful in person...just had to share that!) and this card is beautiful, too:

Here is a card Loretta made with one of my favorite sayings of ALL the Unity sayings:So, I have been buying school stuff for my nieces...just because I'm the best Auntie that ever lived ;)...anyway, I have been obsessing over these Skechers Twinkle Toes sneakers....my nieces HAVE to have them so I finally bought some this weekend! I got them these:
{pink for Madison and black for Cadence..}I think ALL girls starting school need Twinkle Toes, don't you???

OK, another beauty item that I bought recently out of curiosity, gel eyeliner. It is just something I wanted to try so I got the ULTA brand (since it was only $9) and it's fantastic. I got the BE eyeliner brush to use with it and I really think my eyeliner looks 10 times better than ever and I can put it on so evenly with the brush...very awesome purchase!Here is a beautiful card from the Funky Phresh blog:
This card by ejkeaton (on SCS) makes me NEED this {ippity} kit, ASAP:artsy_em made this gorgeous CAS card....lovely!How about a peek DEEP into my life...not that you all couldn't figure this out....but let me share the 2 magazines I am OBSESSED with...
Lucky Magazine:and People Style Watch:OK, BOTH of these magazines came this week and I am in complete heaven...I am savoring every page...afraid to go through them too fast because then what will I do, I'll be done with them??? These are the 2 magazines (besides my Paper Crafts) that I NEVER throw out...I have every single one I have ever gotten.

Just a little piece of my week :D

Oooh another thing I LOVE...Halloween and there is some CUTE Halloween paper that just arrived in my mailbox...the 1st one is Happy Halloween from Echo Park, OMG....CUTE:I got mine at 2Peas but it's all over the place so chances are your fave online store has it, too!

And then there is Matilda by Cosmo Cricket, totally a different style than the Echo Park but just as cute!Can't you just see these papers with these stamp sets???Don't forget to check out the Unity Challenges Forum....lots of stamping challenges and lots of prizes to be had! The Hip Hop Sketch challenge has a prize of Owl Always Love You and Tree-Mendous Love is up for grabs for this weeks Unity Addicts Challenge...yep, we are WAY generous around here ;)

That's all for me today! Hope you have a good Sunday and I will see y'all back here next weekend and over on my blog, too!