The LAST time we were in CHICAGO - Hip Hop was BORN!

Once upon a time....two years ago.
Unity traveled to Chicago.
2nd CHA Show.
one red truck.
one cargo trailer.
all kinds of dreams.

We pulled into the WINDY CITY - dropped the trailer off, took a deep breath & stepped one foot forward.
Christian, Me, Broman & Brooke.

First Stop.
the joint across the street from the hotel.
No Problem. 
Let's toast in our future.
2 rounds, 4 people and $122 later...WHAT?ummmm...this show BETTER be a success.
{we decided to go back to our hotel for free happy hour instead....HA!}

This was a year for new friendships.  Jen Buck. It was the FIRST time we got to MEET HER! - She WON a trip from Unity to CHA Chigaco. WE LOVED HER from the first moment.  Still do, always will.
love you, jen buck. miss you!

Another Memory - CHA Chicago. 
My friend Brooke had NEVER met my friend/first DT Member,  AJ.  I was jumping out of my seat waiting for her arrival.  It was only the second time we got to hang out - and I knew in my heart of hearts that Brooke and AJ would LOVE one another....SURE ENOUGH....before the trip was over Brooke was ironing AJ's shirts and making her coffee. They hit it off and pretty much thought the world of one another.  Once again - HOORAY for new friendships.
i will miss you in Chicago, my friend. :(
This was the emporium of the Embassy Suites where the guys thought is was REALLY entertaining to shout HIP HOP in their screechy high man voices.  It caught on.  {obviously} We walked through the halls of the embassy in the wee evening putting out a HIP and a HOP.  We were BUSTED - the next day at the show we were called  "Late NIGHT TOE TAPPING Slugs" by one lovely gal - I will never forget THAT!
Of COURSE we were.  We had taken a limo downtown - when you are from SPICER, Minnesota....Downtown Chicago whispers your name in a significantly LOUD Tone.  How can you ignore THAT?! 
I love it!

...and then we have THIS BEAUTIFUL GIRL.
My Gina K. She has been 100% amazing to Chris and I. We absolutely adore her.  Rightfully so, she is all one would expect and much, much more. 
Can't wait to see her THIS YEAR in Chicago! :) 

We were a small NEW company.  Limited product and BIG Goals.  Jen Buck, AJ Otto, Ryan Broman, Brooke Lien, Mr. Unity, Me, and Chris's beautiful AUNTI KARA. 
We had THE BEST TIME! It was our first time UPSTAIRS with the "Big Guys" and thought we were "a big deal". 
Hey - ya THINK it, ya FEEL it, and BEFORE ya KNOW it.....

Nothing like polka dots & adorable girls with a couple glasses of VINO to make a FABULOUS memory.
Captured PERFECTLY right here. 

Home we go.  The back seat of Chris's truck was horrendously UNCOMFORTABLE, however being I had this amazing woman with me we made due - planning, giggling and KNOWING we had just experienced a pretty valuable amount of memories we would always treasure. 

So in a couple days we are OFF.  
Since CHICAGO 2 years ago there have been so many changes, so much growth.  New memories will be made, old memories will be cherished that much more.  

My heart is overwhelmed with emotions. 
For all of those who have helped get Unity to where it is, to all of those who continue to put SO MUCH EFFORT into making our show a success, in so many different ways. 
 The long hours and the endless support is SO MUCH APPRECIATED.
Every single person that plays a part leaves me in awe.  
Eryn, Andrea, Michelle, Broman, Julie, Eric, Nic, Luke, Tommy T, Jakers, Christian, Carrie, Clint, my Design Teams & my Artists....AND MY AMAZING CUSTOMERS!!!!!
i just need to say
THANK YOU from the BOTTOM of my HEART.
in grand fashion - my TWO amazing Design Teams have worked up some MAGIC for you once again!
{ippity} & Unity Girls are HERE and CRAFTY.
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Looking forward to seeing each and every single one of you in CHICAGO if you are attending!  We will be there for the CHA Show and the SUPERSHOW! Come see us!!!
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{Ippity} {Ippity}