Happy Sunday!
Can I tell y'all something???
It's HOT and I mean triple digits, hot as you know what, hot!
But I must say it's better than cold to me any day!

OK, enough complaining!

How about some pretty things? Short and Sweet today because I have to do an inventory of my shoes that go with my CHA outfits...and then probably go shopping to fill in the gaps ;)

Let's start the show with this gorgeous card by Julie Lacey...oh my!
and how about this ADORABLE and sweet card by Kimberly Crawford?OK, can I tell you that I have fallen in LOVE with a new color of Buxom lip gloss? I've already been in love with about 6 colors before this one...but Monica...oh she's a beauty!
I adore my BE Buxom glosses (have 5 colors in my purse at this moment!) and can never have enough of them but this one is just the perfect one, at the moment! Got mine at Sephora!

Here is a stunning card by Loretta that just makes my heart happy:

Here is a beauty by Margie C:

and now I have to runnnnnnnnnn!
Have a WONDERFUL Sunday!
~ jimmi