Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hi everyone!
I am excited to show you some of my favorite Unity and Ippity creations from this week, glad you are here to see them!
I might throw in some of my favorite non-stamping things too...just for fun!

Like this movie....OMG:Hopefully NO ONE in the world has not seen Eclipse yet...I've seen it 2 times already and loved it both times...if they could have just made it WITHOUT that werewolf in that would have been PERFECT! Ha!

And how about some cards???

One by handmadebysm in beautiful soft colors:One from Eva...and her danged gorgeous crunchy/curly ribbon that I am coveting seriously but too lazy or clueless to learn how to make it!And this one I have been loving all week by stampinjos...these colors, LOVE them!Now how about something fun I got for myself...a Kindle!
Yep..I got Rachel one for her graduation gift and then loved it so much I had to have it...and you can go online with it, too...NO monthly fee...that is just too crazy to me!
AND I think I'm going ot buy my mom one this week, too...she really wants one and she never gets herself anything and I made a little *extra* money at my dogsitting jobs so I think it's the right thing to do, right?

This gorgeous blue card by jenstampin4u is so striking:
and something I LOVE........the NEW Unity Challenges Forum on SCS.......................this is the best thing ever! ALL of the Unity challenges are now in one place, easy to find...perfection!

Check it out!

Now I am off to see one of the other things I LOVE....PIRATES! We are headed to the Blackbeard Pirate Festival! Bet you didn't know that Blackbeard was a local around these parts back in the day! Yep, where we are going is the river that the Hampton Navy brought his HEAD back to when they caught him in Ocracoke (another fave place of mine!)...yep thye put his head on a pole and put it at the entrance to the Hampton River to show all the other pirates that they mean business....POOR Blackbeard...yeah, I'm on the pirates side!

Hope YOU have a great day!




Kelly Landers said...

Fabulous faves as always Jimmi!! Have fun at the Pirate Festival!!

StampinCathy said...

Great pics Jimmi! Have a fabulous time at the Pirate Festival!

Carisa said...

oooh, have fun at the pirate festival sounds like something we'd love to do! btw, i LOVED eclipse...esp with the werewolves. LMAO but i have to admit, this was my fav of all movies yet & it's b/c it was MORE about the vamps than anything else. i love love love the cards & i'm glad you bought a kindle! you sooo should get your mom one, that would be so sweet! she'd never be expecting it! have a great sunday.

Eva said...

Jimmi, thank you for picking my card as one of your favorites....Have fun at the pirates festival and Eclipse is my FAVORITE right now, too!

Jen said...

Awwww, you are too sweet Jimmi..thank you for showing my blue metal card as one of your fav's! And, if I were your mom, you sure would be the best daughter in the whole wide world if you bought me a yes, buy one for your mom too! Sounds like a really fun pirate day ahead for you...have fun!

Beth said...

loved Eclipse! and those cards are awesome!

Liz said...

Gorgeous picks

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