Thursday, June 17, 2010

we made it. life. hip hop and more.

it is actually late wednesday night. 
i am preparing my blog post for HIP HOP THURSDAY
....and my heart is at peace.

a feeling that has eluded me for a very, very, very LONG time. 
i have read every quote about "being right where you should be" as i experienced months of struggle  february 2010.....
i was thrown onto the crazy train.
it was so STRANGE.  one minute i was just riding along peacefully
{choo! choo!} 
...and then ALL OF A SUDDEN the crazy train went ZOOMING  BY and KIDNAPPED ME!
{the nerve}

behind the scenes.
 i have been a wreck.
{i HOPE you couldn't tell}

just about broke me.

struggle ensued around every corner.
around the corner i also witnessed...
love. compassion. encouragement. laughter. support. unconditional friendship.
just when i thought that i was not going to make it one more step...
....someone said something that kept me going.
typically it was one of YOU.
a blog comment
a facebook encouragement.
a personal email.
a hug.
a smile.

piece of the puzzle
came together.

i SO WISH you were all sitting right here with me in my living room so i could share my story.
what has happened in the last 4 months could fill a novel...
and the fact it ALL IS BEAUTIFUL in this moment...
it really is a miracle. 
i believe in miracles
is that every SINGLE one of you experience miracles - one after the other. 

this i can tell you.
....and we intend to run it with heart and soul
....simply because we want to and WE CAN!

Speaking of Heart & Soul.
i have TWO design TEAMS!
both as people
as crafty chicks.

EVERY THURSDAY there is a Unity/ {ippity} BLOG HOP.
STARTING at Midnight Central Time.
just push the button
and you are 

Be sure to visit Unity at Splitcoast!
Prizes, Fun, Challenges and Chit Chat!
every single thursday.

{Ippity} {Ippity}


Lori Craig said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lori Craig said...

This made my night! Looking forward to working with you for a long time! :)

Jenn Balcer said...

beautiful news! many hugs and smooches to you all!

Debby/Darthy said...

Congratulations! You must feel a terrific weight lifted. Celebrate.

aknancy said...

Angela, I am unaware of your 'life stresses' but I will say that your post touched me and I will take your wish for 'miracles' for all. I have been struggling with 'enjoying' my family as I am so unhappy with having to move to AK due to my husbands job. But reading your post tonite has made me realize that we all have issues and life's challenges and I better be making the best of what I have been given.
Thank you. best wishes to you and glad to hear a light is shining bright for you.

Mary Friederichsen said...

Hi Angela, only when you eluded to something going on could i guess that you were struggling.
I have always found inspiration from your journaling and the sharing of yourself.
It gives me hope! I am older than you (by alot!teehee) and do not feel as put together and as wise. I do as well believe in Miracles. Sometimes I guess we just have to quite ourselves enough to see them or hear them. You share a Miracle with us each time you write and that is the Miracle of you!

I will pray for our Lords Peace for you and the feeling that you have today!

May you and your Family continue to be Blessed with His Love and Peace!

Tanya said...

I think we have all be thrown on that crazy train at some time in our lives... I'm happy to hear that your miracle has emerged!
Thank you so much for bringing Hip Hop back!!! I loved today's inspiration!

Angie Blom said...

Loving your post today.. so happy that you have found some peace and can move on to things that make you and your family more happy. All the struggles makes you stronger as a person, and the outcome is worth the effort. Loving Unity and all you wonderful girls and guys .... YOU all make this company what it is.. a wonderful place to visit so close to my heart. Happy Trails xxXX

StampinCathy said...

WOW! What a great post. I'm so glad that you have found peace. You so deserve it. All the Unity/Ippity chicks are so wonderful and inspiring.

jennifer mitten said...

Wow - great news, Angela!

Sweetieshop said...

I don't know what your struggles have been but so glad you have peace now. Peace, perfect peace. I hope it stays for a long time. Thank you for the hip hop today, it was truly amazing. I had tears in my eyes many times with the beauty and passion in many of the posts. Hugs, Elisabeth x

Karen said...

Doing the 'happy' dance!! I can just hear Unity rockin' with joy!! Congratulations!!!;)

Maria Levine said...

Oh sweet Angela you would never know from any of your posts/chats etc that you were thrown on a crazy train!! BIG HUGS that all slows down and goes back to normal and that all works out. Keep your fabulous positive attitude!!!

Schnauzermom said...

I can't remember where I heard the blessing - "I wish you peace". But I'm glad you found it.

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Oh, Angela--never would have known about your train/kidnapping! I'm so sorry that you were stressed and struggling. I'm glad that your train is slowing down--and that you have peace. Thanks for ALL that you do--everything! You ROCK! You are AMAZING! You are FABULOUS:) You are so much more;) THANKS!

Natalie said...

Love you Angela!! and LOVE Unity!!

Kirsti said...

yayy I made it back. some Gorgeous creations...just waiting for my stamps to arrive in the UK....xox

Toni K said...

Angela, I did have a feeling something was going on. Just little things here and there. But I did feel your positive attitude and knew everything would turn out ok. I'm so glad they did!

Lisa H. said...

you make my heart smile. keep doing what your doing with Unity, it only keeps getting better and better! HUGS!!!

Ola said...

I'm very happy for you!! Congratulations!!!


maryanns said...

I am so glad that you have had a miracle in your life, and the stress of life has eased for you. I have enjoyed your blog and check it daily. I have been a Unity club member for several months. Thanks for all the inspiration you and your team members give us. May your days ahead be filled with many memories and miracles.

Teri said...

What you wrote was very heartfelt and inspirational! It's funny but I have not had the time to spend on your blog lately but came here today and read this. WOW! It made my heart sing to hear you had your miracle. Thanks!

Scrapycandy said...

Hope you write an autobiography...because this sure was cryptic! Hang in there! Maybe a book would inspire others...give it some thought!

Tanis said...

This made my heart smile.
SO very happy for you guys.
Looking forward to a BIG HUG in a month!

Anne said...

I am so glad that you've found peace. I have been on that crazy train myself! In fact, I think it's heading 'round the bend toward me now...

Suz said...

Your post really moved me today Angela. I'm so sorry you have been struggling but with struggles we get the opportunity to see God move in our lives & use us. Boy did he use you today with that inspiring post.

Hugs & hope the rest of the year is a piece of cake

dahlhousedesigns said...

I hope things stay peaceful for you. We all love Unity because of YOU and what YOU do for all of US!!! Big hugs to you that this choo choo runs smoothly from now on!!!

lisa a.

NoraAnne said...

"May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and may God always hold you in the palm of His hand."

One of my favorite verses that came to mind after reading your post!
You are awesome, your DT's are awesome, and I feel so happy to have Unity in my life! Thank you for the neverending inspiration!
Hugs, Nora Anne

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