Wednesday, June 2, 2010

time flies....when your having fun!

about......12 years ago....this really beautiful girl came into my life.
she giggled when i giggled.
i liked that.
a lot.

we were mama's together.
8 kids between the two of us!
are you kidding me?


she quit her teaching job to help her friend GROW.
SHE found VALUE in MY dream...
and became part of it.
2 years of dedication.

i was her B.O.S.S.
that was just plain weird.
i am just being honest.
i have no expectations on my friends - but then i was her B.O.S.S. 
....and along with that came expectations.
not fun.
but we did it....we made it....
{don't you think that is the BEST?!}

we did it.
pretty much, 
{if i do say so myself}
we still LOVE each other.
so as my fabulous friend leaves Unity...and goes home to her babies...
my heart goes pitter patter.
because she has added SO MUCH to the growth of UNITY.
oh how i will miss her.
however ...
i will be forever grateful.
i have adored her from day one.
and will continue to feel this way forever and ever.
i honor that and love her even more for it.

NO FEAR - Peeps.
so she is not going far!
her beautiful creativity will STICK with Unity for what i HOPE will be a VERY LONG TIME.
i love her.

woot! woot!

so thank you, my friend....for being an old soul and choosing our friendship.
i will remain forever grateful.
you are THE BEST!

speaking of the Unity/ {ippity} Design Team.
Time to HIP HOP! has been SUCH A BUSY WEEK i don't know WHAT these girls have in store for you.
i have been off in kit creating, unity details, SBA funding, plate making, new transitions, graduation planning {nic} - 8th birthday planning {sawyer} - memorize every city and country of the world {luke} - and last day of school with 34 kids attending a bonfire at the magnusons {james} mode.
much more.

it is all good, right?

Look for the button on EACH BLOG to be inspired by BOTH the Unity and {ippity} design team.
they are all
pretty much

Enjoy your weekend!
I will be spending mine watching my oldest child in a cap and gown.
how the 
isn't is STILL 1992?
i thought he was only ONE. 

i haven't cried

so hang in there with me...i may have a mini break down in the next week or so.

LOVE to you ALL - have fun HIP HOPPIN'! 

CLICK on the BUTTON BELOW to start!

{Ippity} {Ippity}


Brooke said...

You my dear are VERY welcome... THANK. YOU. for choosing ME to come along on the Unity journey with you... and although my trip may take another course for now... Unity will remain in my heart.. along with every single friendship i have made along the way...I have been so blessed to have been able to step outside of my comfort zone the past two years and LEARN a million things that otherwise I would have never been exposed to. thank you again for that. and CHEERS to MANY more memories to come in the future.. as FRIENDS..
Love you now.. just like I always have and always will...

Amber said...

You two are so very sweet, I wish I had a friendship like you do...cherish it! Love you both!

Diane S. said...

You are lucky to have a beautiful friendship-if one has one golden friend it is a life well lived...I wanted to let you know Ifollowed your hop till one site that didn' have a new post up-so I didn't get to finish:(.

StampinCathy said...

The Unity and Ippity hop was amazing and so inspiring. I just love everyone's creative style. I just love the friendship and love you both have for each other. Not everyone has a chance to have a friendship like this in their life.

Kimmarie Baker said...

It sounds like you have a fantastic friendship! Wonderful! My dd is graduating HS on the 18th so I know how you feel... time does fly by. Off to hop around!

Maria Levine said...

What a fabulous friendship, beautiful! Gotta love that you were able to be Brooke's "boss" and yet stay the closest of friends!


Savannah O'Gwynn said...

WOW--this post was so beautiful! LOVE how you told a story about your friendship with Brooke. I love friendships like that (well...not the boss part....I think it would be weird too!). So glad that Brooke is staying on the DT! She has AWESOME creations:) And just a side note--I always look at pics of you two and think you look like sisters!

Congrats on your oldest graduating! Time flies for sure:)


jan said...

A beautiful story of friendship!!

Angie Blom said...

TO Brooke.. you are a wonderful person and I so appriciate all your help when I needed you and you responded right back to me so fast and oh so friendly. I am sad that you won't be there anymore in the office.. but happy for you to spend time exploring something else.. What a beautiful friendship you and Angela have.. and will always have.. you two are like sisters, best friends.. that just doesn't go away easily. The Best to you and so glad that you are still on the Design Team!! I look forward to seeing what wonderful creations you have in store for us every week. Hugs to both of you.

Scrapycandy said...

I have a graduate too! I cried already at the awards ceremony. Senior moms breakfast is on Friday, final concert on Friday, final exams next week, then Baccalaureate on Saturday, followed by Graduation on the 14th. Then they all go off on a motor coach for 12 hours of Senior class fun. The transition will be tough! Hang in there!

Lacey said...

Wow that is true friendship!! Man you have me in tears...both of you! Best of luck in your new adventures Brooke!

Congrats to your son & family Angela on his graduation! What a great time to celebrate!

Ola said...

This is why I love Unity sooooo much.... the friendship & family like atmosphere (even online)!!!!!

Thanks so much & good luck to both of you on you journey!!!!

okj83 at live dot com

Kimme said...

So great that you have been able to grow together and share your friendship. Best of Luck Brooke.

Angela, cry away if you need to...they will always be our babies.

NoraAnne said...

Wow, now that i am done drying my eyes! Good luck to you Brooke in your new journey and to you, Angela for the continued success of Unity, an AWESOME company!!!!! I can't imagine how you are feeling with your baby graduating ;) My Luke will start pre-school in September and I am a wreck over that~LOL!
Enjoy it all and now I am off to take in all of the yumminess of the blog hop!

Jennipher Lowery said...

WOW! Was not expecting to read this. As a customer I know that Brooke totally rocked behind the scenes at Unity. She was on top of every email about the KOM and other purchases and made my shopping experiences pleasant. Thanks for answering all my questions and being so timely. You will definitely be missed in your "behind the scenes" roll. Best wishes to you.

Maria Gurnsey said...

SO glad you will still be on the design team Brooke...we couldn't lose you all together!! Today's post was a touching story about your friendship and I'm sure it will be tough to leave!! Good luck in all that you do :)

FibreJunky said...

June sure brings a lot of changes with it. Brookie, I'm so glad you're staying on with the DT. Unity wouldn't be the same with you completely gone.

Angela, 1992 was just yesterday, wasn't it? Taylor graduates on Saturday, too. Where did my cuddly little boy go? Congratulations to Nic - and to you for raising such beautiful boys.

Ola said...

I had so much fun on the hop.... there were a lot of very beautiful creations & inspiration!!!! Unfortunately my computer wouldn't let me leave a comment on the Ippity blog.... I loved the tutorial on there!!!

Thanks so much for the fun hop!!!

okj83 at live dot com

Jen said...

Oh my gosh, I had no idea...this post is such a 'beautiful' story. Brooke, thank you for everything and I wish you the best in your new chapter of life and so glad you are staying on as a DT member!
Angela, you have such a beautiful soul and your family/children are a reflection of that...congrats on all the achievements and celebrations!

Schnauzermom said...

What an incredible friendship....salute!!

Graduation. How does that baby turned 21 not long ago. But when there are tears, make sure they're happy ones, for raising him to be the person he should be!

marilyn said...

What a wonderful story of friendship! You are both incredible ladies. 8 kids between the two of you - amazing.

JenMarie said...

Brookie!! Yep, you better be stayin' around girlie!! ;)

Connie L said...

Our families are so important to us, but our gal pals hold a special place in our hearts and lives!

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