Sunday is here again and it's another hot one!  I can't complain since I did ask for this when I was freezing in January right?  Ha!

I have a few favorites today...this will be short since I need to take Rachel shopping for a dress for graduation and I'm already late...sitting here with my hair still wet, yikes!

Ok....I hope that Angela doesn't care that I am sharing this but it is one of my FAVE-orite things I've seen all week...all year maybe, the Magnuson Family...SO SWEET:
That little boy GRADUATED this week...oh my...I will have to get some advice from Ang on keeping it together!
How about a few cards?

This one by bwstamper:

and this one by glenda s:

and this one by karamel:
and now I have to RUN!

Oops....I notice a theme...yes I love orange!


Have a GORGEOUS Sunday!  See ya next week!

{Ippity} {Ippity}