Jimmi's Favorite Things Sunday!

Oh my...I'm up early.  Every time I say "I'm sleeping in really late" before I go to bed...I end up waking up earlier than I want to...happens every time, darn it.  Could have had something to do with the dog chasing the cat into my bedroom!
Oh well, maybe next weekend!

Let's get right to some fun stuff!

I have a confession.  Besides loving clothes and shoes, I really LOVE sunglasses...maybe I've confessed that here before but I don't remember.  Anyway, Mike (hubby) decides he wants some nice sunglasses.  This is strange for him, he's normally into whatever pair he can grab at Wal-Mart or wherever...so I'm super excited.  So last night I said "lets go look at some sunglasses!"...so we do and before he has a chance to try any on I see some that make me squeal!  Funny thing is that I was shopping with Sherry earlier in the day and we went by the sunglass place and I was like "I really want some more sunglasses" and she says "you have like 10pairs already, come on...." and drags me away...good thing I suckered, I mean, took Mike back to the Mall ;)
These are the sunglasses that made me SQUEAL...the COLOR is FANTABULOUS!

PURTY, huh?  OK, you can say no, it won't hurt my feelings...but I have black, brown, light brown and white Oakley's already...no TEAL ones, until NOW :D  Me LIKEY!  And YES, Mike got some he likes, too!

Wow that was a long story, SORRY!  I guess I am extra blabbery this early in the morning!

How about some cards that made me SQUEAL? (yep, it's all about the SQUEAL today!)

A bright and sunshiney card by MakiJ:

An inspiring card from angelahath:

A SASSY orange card by Lydia:
Beautiful coasters by NoraAnne:

A CUTE jean skirt from New York and Company:

And this card by eryn that I have been in LOVE with since the minute I saw it!

And now I am off to find some breakfast, get a suntan, a new rug for the living room, something to wear to Rachel's graduation next Saturday (omg!) and hit the pool!

{Ippity} {Ippity}