hey there!  it's jen erickson here representing the unity design team this HOT tuesday in june. woot woot! you might recognize me as the only dt chick who has no mad skills in the card making area. :)
i am all about the layouts.  i especially like using unity stamps on my layouts b/c they are so versatile. you can get more bang for your buck!  check out the layouts below.  i used that same number stamp ( http://unitystampco.com/stamps?search=Numbers%2C+etc. )
in slightly different ways on a number of other layouts.




in proper angela fashion, i will leave you one of my favorite quotes.  i always think of it during hip hop thursdays:
"napoleon, don't be jealous that i've been on line chatting with babes all day."
by kip dynamite
hope your tuesday rocks! :) jen erickson
{Ippity} {Ippity}