Wednesday, May 19, 2010

a little piece of Brave Girls for you. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

This was the time I was going to make my blog entry regarding my experience at Brave Girls Camp.

the world is spinning fast around me today.
i want to get to my place of peace.
...and then express my appreciation for the little piece of heaven that Melody has created here on earth.

in the MEANTIME i think you should GO HERE:

Sign up for Melody's DAILY TRUTH.....
it comes to you

to EMPOWER you.
to CALM you.
to PUT LIFE into perspective.

they are short
written from the heart

pretty much you NEED to just click on the little birdie
in the lower left hand corner.

enter your email
and get ready to be a step closer to 
self - actualization 

Give yourself that Gift.
for real.

{Ippity} {Ippity}


StampinCathy said...

I signed up. I can always use self-actualization everyday.

Brooke said...

I just did. Can't wait. I love daily truths. Perfect! Thanks for the link. :)

Eva said...

I so love and enjoy the Brave Girl messages..they remind me of the school I attended last year..she is one spiritual lady, and I love that!!! We need more people like her and you!

Verona said...

Thanks for the sign-up like for the Brave Girl messages. I admire Melody and all she has conquered.

Lacey said...

Thanks!! I look forward to it!

Debbi said...

These messages are amazing. My day is always better after reading them. They have helped my daughter through some very difficult times and put a smile on her face. Everyone should sign up for them.

Heather Innusa said...

I have to say, somehow I found out about the Brave Girls Club (blog hopping I'm sure) and it has been such a grace and blessing to me every day!! I literally look forward to it everyday!!

Handmade Creations by Stephanie said...

Thanks so much for sharing!!! Oh how I would love to do the Brave Girl camp it sounds awesome!!!

Christine said...

I'm scheduled to go to brave girls in July. I already live in Idaho so I know the beauty of the surroundings and can't wait to meet Melody and see her inner truth and strength.

I ordered the brave girls set and can't wait to get it!!!


Diane S. said...

Just signed up-I love your brave girl stamps and I would LOVE to go to camp sometime. Thanks for the link -I love to read and be inspired I have been collecting thoughts for YEARS LOL

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