Jimmi's HOT Sunday Faves!

Oh yeah, it's HOT outside!  And I LOVE it!  I think it might be like 100 tomorrow or something and I couldn't be more thrilled!
Hope it's SUNNY where you are, too!

Let's get down to the business of pretty pictures, OK?

My 1st favorite thing is just a little mommy gushing so bear with me.  Rachel had her Sr. prom and I think I enjoyed it more than she did!  I've never been to a prom so she had to keep saying "mom, this is my prom, not yours..." I think I behaved for the most part!

Here are a couple pics of my, I mean, her night...just indulge me, please???

This is her and her date, a FRIEND...he is so much like Rachel, silly and fun, I'm SO glad he went with her:

This is her and her friends that met at our house for pictures.
(ever watch Jersey Shore??  Yeah, they're doing the fist pump, lol!)

OK, mommy time over...how about some other STUFF?

There are LOTS of Unity cards from this weekend's VSN, here are a couple:
(VSN is still going on thru Monday evening!)

This one from Lori:

And one from Beate:
And one from tiffguam:
Yes, VSN totally brings out the BEST in you!

Here's beauty from this week by Eva...Eva, you did make this for me didn't you???

Umm...hello, karamel....gorgeous:

Right now, in the music world, I am crazy about Jack Johnson....I don't know if it's because it's getting nice and hot out and he's so smooth and silky sounding...but I am just really loving him right now...more than I ever have, I think Rachel and I are going to just have to see him in concert next month...gotta do it!

OK, here's something I really want but I have this problem....I HATE my arms...so I will have to find a cute little shrug to go over it but this dress from NY&CO. might be mine, today!
(I have a coupon so I really should get it, right?)

OK, I'm off to clean the house up a little bit and then hit the Mall and then make Mike take me to see Date Night tonight, if it's still at the theaters!

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND and don't forget the reason it's called Memorial Day weekend!


{Ippity} {Ippity}