Tuesday, May 4, 2010

...and so we have another day - NO WEBSITE - NO EMAIL.

...when your website is down.
....and your email is down.
life spirals OUT OF CONTROL internally.
i am going CRAZY over here.
...and this little monster chick came out from her hiding spot this morning on the phone with the hosting sight. 

"Monster Chick" quickly went away when she saw what her little friend BROOKE brought this morning!
ooooo....i love them so much!

i guess if we are looking on the 
bright side of things...
here is another thing that is  kinda nice.
when there is no website.

....this is the COVER to my journal for Brave Girls Camp.

...and THIS is one of the dividers for the journal. 
so - i did get a tad bit crafty. 
this is a good thing, right?

Donna Downey SNEAK PEEKS

this is a distressed "trust" background stamp.

THIS is a machine ETCHING the wood for Donna's EXCLUSIVE 
Insightful Meadow Stamps.  
They will be released and showcased at Donna's INSPIRED Event.

Here is the final result of the etching of these one of a kind exclusive stamps
Simply Stunning.
These are COLLECTOR Items.
They are SO PRETTY!

Do you see the SIZE of these things?  Huge, I am tellin' ya.

Moving on to {ippity}
The PAPER PACKS being released with the NEW {ippity} stamps on May 13th is from 
October Afternoon
it is SO FUN.
is beside herself with excitement for this paper.
right, Eryn?

...and another little {ippity} sneak peek.
Want to know WHO you can get these from?
They will be releasing on May 13th, 2010 and all the {ippity} chicks will have them IN STOCK and ready to SELL TO YOU!

CLICK HERE for the {ippity} blog - EVERY TUESDAY is Tippity Tuesday and you will get some great little TIPS!


Some companies have COOKIE JARS.

and one more random comment to distract us from our WEBSITE and EMAIL problems....

I suppose...since the website and EMAIL is DOWN - I could clean my office.
Organized Chaos. 
That is what it is all about for me. 
It works, RIGHT?
Last night, while crafting my 12 year old just looked around at the room and shook his head.
I said "What? - EVERYONE who crafts has an explosion in their crafty room" 
Chris and James disagreed. 
Help me out, here.
I'm not the only messy crafter out there, RIGHT?
leave some PROOF and SUPPORT in the comment section if you have a moment!

Please tell me you get messy as you craft.
I will feel much better. 

Alright - I am traveling to the production area of Unity.
Seems they are swamped and due to the LACK of email - I am going to do some manufacturing work.
I am actually looking forward to it!

...and then fishing tonight.
love fishing.

{Ippity} {Ippity}


craftymom205 said...

You are neat compared to mine. You are not the only one that has an explosion in their crafty room. Hang in there.

Emily said...

My whole house is a bit of a craft explosion, lol, hope things get sorted soon x

Jenny said...

Sorry your website is STILL down. I have never heard of a hosting company being down so long (i design websites)... thats ridiculous! I cant believe it. At least your day got better with those super cute shoes! And you got crafty with those cute creations! Love em! :) Have fun manufacturing... sounds cool. And no your not the only messy crafter, I make a huge mess when im in the moment with a creation... but I do tidy up after im done. LOL but you should see it while im working, looks like a crafty tornado came thru.

Hope your week gets better! *lotsa hugs*

StampinCathy said...

WOW! There is so much info in this post. Those shoes are so cute and lovin all the rubber and sneak peeks. Craft area messy...no way! Mine is always spotless! NOT! My DH says that I look like a crazy scientist working. I would show you my space, but right now it is in the process of moving from one room to another. Love your journal and all the details you did. You rock in the MOJO dept.

Stampin Cats said...

Mine would be a lot messier if I had it all unpacked. Does that count. I have boxes and pepers everywhere.

Handmade Creations by Stephanie said...

The shoes are fabulous!!!Love your Journal so beautiful and I am loving the little sneak peeks. Hope things get back to normal for you!!!

Martha said...

oh my craft area is a mess right now, projects and scraps and everything everywhere, I was gonna take a pix and post, but too embarrassed lol

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

LOOOOOVE the shoes:) Love all the stamps! And yes---my studio is a disaster! Hope everything gets back to normal soon:)

Shay said...

Lovely shoes. Those stamps look wonderful! Thanks for the sneak peeks. My studio is always chaotic! lol

I hope your website and email begins to work again very soon, but know that your fans are patient and understanding to all technical problems (I can't tell you how many times my computer has been down).

Heidi said...

THAT is messy??????? Are you KIDDING me??? That's what mine looks like after hours of cleaning it up, lol! I feel for you guys with no email and website. That would drive me insane! GORGEOUS shoes, btw. So jealous.

BonnieRose said...

Angela.. yay for new shoes!
And the stamps look fab!
re my Studio.. omg.. your room is pristine compared to mine, I swear!
I hv way too much stuff. .... and things get left everywhere.. trust me.
Your boys need to come to my house. Seriously.
They would adore you even more after they saw a lookie into my crafting space.. just sayin...

Heather said...

Hang in there! Gorgeous peaks! And BTW, I don't know a crafter who isn't messy! I think it is a prerequisite for stamping!

Gwen said...

Messy, yah! I actually took a picture but I'm not sure I dare post it!
Enjoy the moment, Unity peeps, it'll get better!

Poppit said...

Us girls have gotta stick together! Craft explosions are all part of the crafting experience - I'm only glad I have a door on my little craft cupboard so I can pretend the mess is simply NOT there!! :-)

Fingers crossed your internet problems are resolved soon xx

Lauren said...

Oh my goodness....when I "get busy" in my craft room it looks like a tornado blew through! It actually makes me feel good to see all that big mess,though...it's proof that I've been productive. Happy mess making!!!

dclouser said...

Hurray for messy craft rooms! Looks like you're finding lots to keep you busy during this "down" time. Don't sweat it - soon things will be back in order!

Chriss Blagrave said...

Sorry to hear that your website is still down, but love your hoses and the card & journal items that you created. If you want to see a mess that I used to have...take a look at this before I organized, tidied and saw what I had and didn't have ;)

~Tonya said...

Oh yes, we all need a little *distraction* when life is handing us lemons! Love the cute shoes and your ~Brave Girl~ journal cover is just *stunning* to say the least.

So sorry the site is still down, I am sure it is wreaking havoc on your lives.

Can we say F-R-U-S-T-R-A-T-I-O-N! ;)

My studio, you would not want to see it when I am creating! Can we say HURRICANE! Your area is clean compared to the tornadoes that run through my studio.

Love the new HUGE stamps coming out and the JaR-0-Stamps, be-still-my-heart!! I would take a jar of those over cookies...any ol' day!

Cheers to you guys for "keeping the Peace", while the site is still down. Have a beautiful day Angela.


Mary Friederichsen said...

Like others have said, your area looks good compared to mine!
I might start out fairly organized,but by the time am in the process and then done I have worked myself into a area that is as big as my Lg. craft mat( from ranger) I mean what is that 18 inches!! lol
Hang in there Angela, we will do the same! I am dying to place my order!!:D
Just be prepared for the onslaught of orders once it is back up!:)
Eat your Wheates as they use to say!

Hugs and Blessings!

Christine said...

Oh, Angela, I am so sorry that you are having such a bad time. I wonder if you have the same company as Nikki Sivils. She is having the same problems. I hope everything works out for you and you can have some peace again. Sure was good timing huh? Not!!

Love those shoes. That was so sweet of Brooke. Yes, my craft room looks like an hurricane hit it after I am done crafting. Luckily I can close the door and nobody needs to know.

Have fun on the production side.
xoxo, Christine

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish my explosion was as tidy as yours. My work space (space being a very relative term) is any place that doesn't have two layers of something on it. On another note - I simply love your website and comments and bits of you that you so freely share with us. I come here to not only read about Unity events but to visit with you and feel part of a greater piece in the universe (and to sing and dance along with your music). Thanks

marilyn said...

I'm glad you had a chance to get crafty - LOVE those new stamps!!! The sassy shoes . . . luscious!!! Friends do get us through rough times. Your craft room looks great compared to the mess mine gets in when I'm crafting. . . .chaos!!!

Lacey said...

First of all - those shoes are sooooo dang CUTE!!!! I love shoes!

SEcondly, hope the website stress is getting better :) I guess it's testing your patience.

Thirdly, Great creations, love the Donna D. stamps & the sneak of ippity.

Have a fantastic Tuesday!

Michelle /Eliotstamps said...

My craft explosion is in my living room! I have stuff on a folding table, on the floor and stacked in piles everywhere! Keeping it tidy is near impossible!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Sorry you're feeling so frustrated! It will get worked out! I cannot imagine how aggravated you must be!! Hang in there!


I'm not sure this photo does justice to how MESSY my area ALWAYS is! It's overflowing! I need to purge and declutter like crazy!!

Zgirl said...

Your area is NEAT compared to mine. I have stuff all around me...sometimes I have trouble making it out of my chair cause there is so much stuff on the floor. And then when there is glitter involved...just forget about it--glitter on my clothes, in my hair, on the carpet--even on my husband =). But a good scrapper cant be neat when scrapping--it just doesn't work.
Sorry about your website. Naz

Karen said...

Was that a picture of your mess???? Mine is 10X's worse everyday! My husband also thinks that I'm the only one! Hope tomorrow is a better day for you at Unity, but then all things happen for a reason.

Jenny said...

You are so not alone in the messy craft area department! When I make cards I spend half my time crafting and half my time searching for the supplies I want to use under my mound of paper, ink, ribbon, flowers, stamps and so on..... I forget what the table underneath looks like, lol!

Diana said...

I must confess that I am WAY messy! My desk just happens to be clean right now but that (according to my family) is a MIRACLE! Hey! when it's got stuff on it you can see what you have, right?!
Sorry about all the problems--good luck-hope that it's fixed soon!

Jen said...

SHOES, SHOES, SHOES...LOVE THEM ANGELA! Okay, yes, I love shoes! And your Brave Girls Journal is FABULOUS, just like YOU!

Hey, tell those men in your life that your 'mess' is pretty mild compared to mine (earthquake)...even when I clean it up after a project, it gets messy again quickly!

P.S. I could just drool over that stamp jar all day long...ha!

P.S.S. Sending 'happy thoughts' your way to bring smiles to all of Unity!


Jennine Chambers said...

Here is a little something to show your sons.
IN your honor I created a post just for you! check it out!


I hope things getter better soon.
Oh yeah!! LOVE the shoes!

Dani said...

I am so sorry your site is still down. How frustrating fort you!! :(

Oh yes I work in a messy environment. I like to call it 'controlled chaos' though. Because even though it is a huge mess, I know where every thing is. :)

StacyC said...

Those craft rooms are clean..... I have 1/3 of our master bedroom and it is by far way messier.... I always say that behind every messy desk is a productive crafter.... Love your journal Angela, and those shoes are too cute... Hope things get up and running soon for you... Have a blessed day!!!

Angie Blom said...

you must feel frustrated.. but you are turning out some awesome projects in the mist of things. Love the Brave Girls Camp book you are doing and those PRETTY woman shoes.. Brooke you are amazing girl!! you are so lucky!! Love the new papers from OA.. and all those lovely stamps in that awesome jar!! mY CRAFT ROOM is always in a mess when I craft which is almost every day.. I am working on a flower tutorial album so there are scraps everywhere .. glue everywhere.. but in the process of the mess I will get my stuff done and then spend 2 days cleaning it all up just to start all over again.. I welcome your mess.. It is the beauty within that mess that makes it all worth it. Hope you get your email and website up soon. Have a Fab day fishing!!

Diane said...

Your "explosion" looks very neat compared to mine!!! I was without internet for almost 3 weeks...I nearly had a breakdown...but it gets better...hang in there...but with trying to run a company...wow...that has to be a tremendous mess...I feel for ya!!

Ravengirl said...

Here is your proof! I edited a post from February. Shamefully, it doesn't look much better and that was 3 months ago! Make sure to show Chris and James and please don't submit me for "Hoarders". Just kidding! Have a great day!

catripl said...

I wish my craft area looked as neat as your mess! The messier the craftier! Love the sneak peeks.

Jenn K said...

This is so much great information and SUPER cute shoes!! I took apicture of my current mess...well half of it anyway..LOL!! Your room looks clean compared to mine! Here is proof http://i543.photobucket.com/albums/gg474/njjzkoss/IMG_7407.jpg

Hang in there...I know how frustrating these types of problems can be. But hey...we are all here hanging out with ya.

Wendy said...

I love your stamp jar. It just makes me happy.

Cassi said...

You are not alone in your mess, it happens to all crafters!

Chris S. said...

Angela, your desk looks neat and tidy compared to mine! My crafting area is in a corner. My "table" is a flat door attached to the wall. Right now I have approximately an 8inch x 8inch area to work. The table is covered with storage and "stuff" from stray pens to paper scraps to stacks of punched items. I can't even sit down because my chair is piled with things.

Kim Marie said...

Four words:


Kim Marie

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! I am messy when i craft. The trick for me is to take lot of the situation and clean before i lose things. Every two weeks or so, everything is back in its place and it feels good.
Your projects prove beauty can come out of our messes. xo

Noelle Reese said...

Here, show him mine on NSD! LOL

I hope you get your website back up. How anoying!

Sherry said...

Believe it or not....I wish my area were as neat as yours....I like all my stuff around me and it always looks like a big mess but it works for me.

Erin said...

OMG love those shoes! Super cute. Hope the web hosting gets sorted out quickly sounds like a nightmare!! And yes craft explosions come with crafting, at least in my craft area they go hand in hand :)

Kary said...

Angela,I'm really sorry to hear Unity's website & email are not up yet. It sure disrupts biz, but hang in there... The shoes look fab! And your workspace looks tidy compared to my desk when I'm into crafting bcos I need to see things in order to use them. Take care, things'll get better soon.

Jules! said...

I scrapbook in my dinning room...best energy in the house....unfortunately it is the first room people see when they walk in the house....and it always looks like a craft explosion! I dread the days when I have to clean up for company and parties.....

nanalady said...

Oh, my goodness...the bad fairy has visited. It took me several days to figure it all out and get here. Glad I did - lots of cuteness. I can't wait to spend some money......good luck!

Carol said...

I try to clean up a little when I am finished crafting for the day, but, while I am working I have stuff everywhere! You are not alone!

Carol B

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

Oh my goodness! I don't think my room looks as nice as yours when it's CLEAN! It's such a diaster in my work area. I can't put anything away until I'm done and then I start another project while working on the first project, so NOTHING ever gets put away!!

KmoRakefet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KmoRakefet said...

Hello Angela,

I think you'd like that post

For you and your team XOXO


PEA said...

Sorry the site is still down. That is not fun I am sure.
Shoe candy makes things a little nicer.
Messy? That is what your son calls messy? Oh boy, then he would never want to see my room. It looked the other day like the kindergarten class had gone through there and had a good old time. I was having at fit it was so bad. Took about a hour to clean it up!

I like your cookie jar the best. Those are my kind of cookies. Fat free. LOL
Have a great day and I hope things return to normal soon.

PEA said...

ooops, forgot to say how much I love your journal. It turned out awesome. I think these new stamps are gonna have to be in my collection. What gal doesn't want to hear encouraging words or see them everyday? I know I do.

♥ Audrey ♥ said...

Don't worry, you are not alone in being messy... mine's a bombshell after I'm done with crafting! Fingers crossed you get back your website soon. Those Brave Girl stamps are fab... can't wait to have mine.

Dana said...

Yep!! Messy, messy, messy! :) In the middle of a creative explosion right now...as we speak....as I type this. ha! Have a wonderful Wednesday!! :)

Scrappycath said...

LOL - the messier the better! Means you had more fun creating! LOL

Purple Princess said...

I am a very messy crafter! Every time I try to clean up I get distracted! LOL! I find things and all these ideas pop up and I have to play right away.

Emily said...

Yeah, I think you are neat compared to me, too. I live in a tiny apartment and right now as we speak, my desk has a gigantic box of photos on it and a pile of receipts from the craft store because I still have this crazy notion of tracking what I spend there... one end table has craft supplies inside the magazine holder section, the other one has craft supplies there and piled on top. My kitchen table has craft supplies stacked up. My craft storage containers are kept in the living room below the television (which is on a ledge), so the lovely sight below my television is containers brimming full of scrapbook and stamp supplies, and button, brad, eyelet, and ribbon containers stacked high above them. Next to the TV on the ledge is more paper stacked a good 6 inches high at least. Oh, and my most recent purchase from today is currently sitting in the middle of the living room floor where I abandoned it to check my craft blogs.... you don't even know messy!

FibreJunky said...

That is not messy. If I had access to my pics, I would send you one. Unfortunately, they're on my big computer and I have no net access at home. If I remember, when I go home this afternoon, I'll copy one over to the thumb drive and bring it to panera so I can email it to you. Trust me. It's a disaster area.

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