7 days later....

no updates.
simply because i didn't know what to say.
i have no time frame, and no promises that i can give.
so i was silent. 
website is UP AND RUNNING, however our email is not.

We are still producing ERROR MESSAGES once your order is placed.
Please DO NOT place your order again.
Feel free to send me an email to confirm that your order did indeed get placed.

We are receiving emails, however we are unable to send emails. 

This is only temporary.
WE CONTINUE to work on the issues at hand. 
Our sincere apologies.
THANK you for being so sweet and understanding through this frustrating time.

On to something a bit more SWEET and WONDERFUL.

a little HIP. and a little HOP.


Please Note: 
We have a few girls out of the HOP this week.
no worries. sometimes we all need a bit of a break.
that is a beautiful thing.

We will be releasing 8 NEW {ippity} Kits.
you are going to LOVE them!
thing is this....
When you order {ippity} you are helping so many people.
your independent {ippity} chick and her family will be so happy for your support... the unity family will also be so happy for your support of Unity/{ippity} - our sister company is about giving opportunity to so many and we are VERY excited about this company and the growth it is experiencing.
We now have 
24 {ippity} *exclusive Stamp Kits.
3 Lovely Lines of Paper Packs.
Unity Ink.

The {ippity} design team is PART OF THE BLOG HOP every Thursday.
Be sure to TAKE NOTICE of the beautiful images in this line of stamps.

thought out.
a general empathetic thought  for those that had a tough week.
i had battles, however so did thousands of others.
my thoughts, and prayers go out to every woman that shed a tear this week.
super big hugs.

When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure

Out of difficulties grow miracles.

go enjoy life. 

{Ippity} {Ippity}