Jimmi's Favorite Things Sunday!

Happy Sunday everyone!!!

It's all about the cards this Sunday, I've had a rough week and I need a whole LOT of gallery gazing to cheer me up so you're coming along with me.

Let's get right to the EYE CANDY!

Did you see this notepad by Carolina???  I am really hoping she knows she made this for ME :)  hint...hint...Carolina, are you listening? ;D

Flutter card by PurplePrincessTara is SO cute...and I think I have some of that pretty paper, somewhere, just need to find it!

I really love the FUN colors of this card by candylou on SCS:

I love this card by Julesiana on SCS, I love the black layer with the lighter colors:
Here's a funny...I didn't even know about this kit called You're a Doll...crazy huh?  it's so cute!  And this is the card that made me discover it by yorkshirecath:

Here's a gorgeous Ippity card by Betty Wright, these colors are so striking and I love the layout:

Hope you enjoy this Unity therapy session as much as I did!

Have a beautiful day,