Jimmi Almost Forgot it Was Sunday!

I kind of did forget what day it is and I'm sorry...I was off work Friday so the days are all messed up and I spent the day cooking and laying out in the backyard and washing my car....all the fun things you can do once it's WARM outside (well the cooking you can do anytime, haha!).

So I thought I'd pop over and 1) let y'all know I didn't forget YOU and 2) share the FREAKING delicious food I made today!

So, first of all, I remember you and all of my friends I've made through Unity are definitely one of my favorite things in my life!

And here are the 2 recipes I made for dinner tonight and I must say that they were so good I think I yelled a curse word or 2 when I tasted them...I simply could not control myself!

The Pioneer Woman's brisket....oh Lordy! 3 simple ingredients...heaven in your mouth! Seriously make this ASAP!

And PW's perfect Au Gratin potatoes! Holy Moses! Jimminy Cricket, YUM! :D
And now I need a nap...and yes it's 7:30 at night here...but this meal put me over the edge!

Love ya!