Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hooray for Today! Hoppin, Chattin', Craftin' and WELCOMING!

Today is Special. 
{well everyday is special}


yes five

Reason #1
{i am on my way to the airport to pick up THIS GIRL}
Hooray for Maren coming to Minnesota!
This time around I am keeping her ALL TO MYSELF - 
I have this feeling she WILL be back! 

is going
to get
she will see my messy yard, my cozy but stinky (4 boys) house, my piles of laundry, and my craziness.
very much looking forward to that.
I am SO comfortable with her I didn't even take my CHRISTMAS Village down {located upon my cupboards, UGH} in preparation for her arrival.  
She will just have to love me anyway.

Reason #2

Somebody will win this off the Unity FAN Page on FACEBOOK.
Join TODAY!!!!

Reason #3

my oldest boy is graduating.
{well, not today - but I just wanted to SHOW HIM OFF!  Isn't he handsome?!}

Reason #4

these people....

are in my life.
{not to mention all the OTHERS not shown here - LUCKY ME!}

Reason #5


Click on the button above to start and look for the SAME BUTTON to HOP from BLOG TO BLOG!

It is Unity Thursday.

I am so happy about that.

For Real.

Wasn't it THURSDAY, yesterday - cause the weeks FLY BY!

We are keeping it simple.

Doing what we do best - showcasing our STAMPS with our FABULOUS Design Teams!!!



PEA said...

Oh she will love you just the way you are. We can't all be perfectly talented and not have a village or two out to cheer us on.;)
Now as for your son's graduation- GET OUT! You can't have one graduating. You don't look old enough. You look fresh out of college what were ya 10? LOL Oh I wish I had those genes.
He is a handsome boy. What a lovely family for a lovely lady.
Received my first unity stamp recently and just had to say I LOVE IT. Will be back for more.
Have fun with Maren!

Eva said...

CONGRATS on Nic graduating!!! What at handsome young man he is!!! Love that picture of him! What happy reasons for a special day!!! Hugs to you and Maren, too!! Enjoy spending time with her!

Susan said...

good looking friends and family...what an upbeat post, how could anyone reading it, not smile?!!
I am now a fan, and I am hoppin'
Thanks, Susan

Susan said...

there is a problem...the "hop button' takes me to the next person who mentions this hop, but then the next person seems to be doing a hop for cherry on top, and then the next person is also. So i am going to follow along, but there is something wrong, wanted to make you aware.
thanks, Susan starts with Jimmi

StampinCathy said...

What exciting 5 reasons to be HAPPY! Can't wait to see pics and stories about Maren visit. How fun both you are going to have.
Congrats to Handsome Nic!
WOW! I lucky fan will win some Unity stamps. I'm crossing my fingers. Today is Hip Hop and seeing all the creative and inspiring Unity MOJO! The only thing better then that is to win the lottery to be able to buy all of Unity stamps. LOL

Shirley said...

Your reasons for being happy are great! Love all of the pics! Your son is very handsome and congrats on him graduating! As for how your house looks, people don't come to see what your house looks like, they come to see you!

Pam said...

Very, very handsome son! Love the Unity Hop! Tried it last week, didn't win. Just became a fan and would love to get my hands on some so I could make some pretties up. Enjoy your time with your friend.

BonnieRose said...

Enjoy your time together. Who cares about the condition of your home? Maren is there to be with YOU. Lucky girl.. xo have fun!

marilyn said...

#1- Nice to know that there is someone else that has a little bit of Christmas still hanging out at their house . . .
#2 - Yes, your son is handsome - not quite as handsome as my son (LOL), but handsome, just the same!
#3 - So glad you and Maren are getting to spend the day together - ENJOY

scotlacey said...

How fun. . . have a fab day. . I plan to

Jen said...

Yay, have a great time with fun is that?! Love your collage of pic's and your son is so darling...steady girlfriends yet (my son is 14...I am not ready for the girl thing, you know)? Awesome box of stamps too, and now I'm off to Hip Hop!

Carol said...

Your son is so handsome and I know you are so proud of him! Have fun with Maren, will you stamp together??? I wonder...

Carol B

Tabitha's creations said...

Angela,You have some fab things to celebrate. Your son is very handsome, congrats on the graduation! I sure wish I was new to the fan page, wow, holy box of stamps!!

PamS said...

Love the blog hops...

Linda said...

That sound busy fun crazy weekend and congraudtion on your son!

Haidee said...

My son is graduating this year too. love your blog!!!Wow what a great giveaway!!!

Karen said...

What an amazing hop!!! Tons of eye candy and wonderful inspiration!! Congrats to your son on his graduation!! My baby boy will be graduating this year too!

Susan said...

Ok, i've already commented but I am back. This is a blog hop, so are the prizes here on the blogs, or are they over at SCS? (which doesn't make sense if it is a blog hop.

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Great reasons to celebrate!

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