My Sunday Faves...that's me, Jimmi!

Howdy everyone! It's Sunday already, how did that happen? Time sure flies when you're well, I don't know...doing whatever humans do, lol!

OK, my rambling is not what you came here for so I'll spare you my Sunday silliness today!

This week has been FREEZING (again) here in VA. Normally it should be in the high 50's, hitting 60 but it's been downright cold, and I have SUMMER Fever! So to pass the time I listen all day at work to No Shoes Radio, of it!

Here's an adorably sweet card by gamblemom (on SCS) that is so fun to look at!
OK and I have a secret....I'm not buying any new clothes for a while...just trying to save for some stuff...graduation, prom, 18th birthday's....BUT that does not mean I am not drooling over this new sweater...and to make it worse a girl at work went and bought it and wore it to work...and I want it...but my wants won't kill me, right??? Are you sure??? Sure feels like they might! {good thing I couldn't find a coupon around the house yesterday because I would have broke down!}

Here's a SUPER SWEET card by Jess (jexterra on SCS) that is just lovely!

Let me show you my favorite dress from Prom shopping with Rachel. It's short, which basically she has to have because all of the long dresses are not long enough for her and she's more fun and sassy than long and dramatic;)

CUTE huh? It's shiny and the band is sparkly beads...such a pretty color on her. And it's only $54.00...that doesn't hurt...she likes it too so we'll see., I totally tortured myself and this "no shopping" issue by going out to look for these shoes yesterday at the COACH store in the mall...I've seen these shoes in 10 magazines recently and literally every single time I open to a page with them on it, my jaw hits the FLOOR...they are stunning, perfection, everything I love about a shoe, so I went and tried them on and walked around with them on (omg are they COMFORTABLE!!) and then took them off and left the store, empty-handed...HIGH as a kite from wearing them, but empty-handed...aren't you proud?
They are called the Stefanie heel and I wear a size 7.5 just in case anyone feels generous, lmbo ;D (and I might add my feet looked WAY cuter in them than hers!)

OK, I am out for to possibly clean my bedroom....unearth the Spring/Summer clothes in hopes that will bring on the warm weather!


Love ya!