Valentine's Day = Love.

this moment.
i am thinking.
a lot.
about so very much.


it is a crazy thing.
there are so many different kinds.
passionate love.
friendship love.
family love.
i love, love. - don't you? 

if you are alive.
you have felt it.
all with your own definition.
in your own way.

as i think about the journey of unity.
love has flowed into my life.

i am so very fortunate.
i love my people AT unity.
i love the women that have supported the GROWTH of unity.
i love my design team girls.
i love the friends that have emerged.

so as the journey continues.
whichever way it may go.
i am thankful.
for the love of unity.

hugs this valentines day to you and yours.
may your life be filled with love.