Sunday Favorites from Jimmi!

OK has a theme...a theme that comes from the fact that it's lighter in the morning's now earlier than it has been...and something is haunting me, waking me up, taunting me...and it's BIRDS!
Yes, birds are making me crazy.

I have a weird relationship with birds. I used to have birds decorating my house inside until I got over it and now I just love them secretly, not all over my living room...but in the morning I really do NOT like I thought I'd share that love/hate relationship with you this morning.

Since I love to LOOK at pretty birds but not hear are some beautiful, completely SILENT birds ;)

1st there is this beautiful bird from Could I Be Any Cuter!

Here's a card Heather made with it:

This card from Gretchen is SO cute! Paper piecing in my favorite technique and I love how she pieced this little birdie!

Here are some birdies using the bird in the Feb. Kit of the Month:

Jenn made this beautiful card this week....don't you ADORE it?

Here is a cool pop-up card by Misstreez, fun huh?
Here is a GLITTERY card by Beate using the Kit too:
Here are 2 supre clean and simple cards by Army08love (on SCS) that are simply perfect!

How about the birdie in Folk Inspired??? He's a CUTE one!

Here he is on a card by Lisa (The Crafts Meow) that is CA-UTE:

Ahhh....I feel at peace with the birds again, I really needed that...maybe I can think of this when that woodpecker is banging on the siding of the roof tomorrow morning just 30 minutes before my alarm is going to go off or when the birds are gathering in that Bradford Pear tree outside my window next Saturday morning when I shoudl be sleeping in...very until noon....pray for me ;)

Have a GREAT day!