...just a couple things from me. :)

Angela Here.
I have just a couple little things that I would like to talk about. :)

I never did write much about my experience there.
It was phenomenal.
We loved every moment spent.
Typically at these shows my heart escapes me.
It is so busy and so very overwhelming that I go into a fog and just hope to find the clearing.
I felt it.
Every Moment.
Every Person.
It was amazing.
In feeling it I had a realization.
I can quote a million different people.

Well guess what...
I now HAVE my own to write.
Thanks to the women of this crafty world - Loving Unity
Dreams HAVE come true.
HOPE is at hand.
Aspirations are ALL AROUND ME .
...and inspiration
 {this one leaves me in awe - i am consistently inspired by those that touch me through Unity}
 Beautiful souls have entered my life here on this earth....we are so blessed.

Look at these pictures and YOU TOO will feel the ENERGY of Unity.
It is everywhere thanks to the AMAZING people that LOVE, BUILD, ENCOURAGE and INSPIRE us.

The walk to CHA.
I literally had to pinch myself.

From the FIRST moment I met her I loved her.
She has wings and a halo, that is how comfortable you feel around this woman.
This guy. 
He is consistent.
So very Loyal.
So VERY entertaining.
Love him 100%
Thanks BRO - Love YA!

We have a hip hop history.
Enough Said.
DT Member Natalie Dever.
Always There.
Admire HER 100%
Beautiful Renee.
Crafty as Crafty can BE!
So much Talent.
Could it be any CUTER?
Hooray for Tanis!
She DREW it, Unity brought it to LIFE!

Unity Window.
EVERYONE loved it.
Jimmi and AJ making off with the stamps.
Ahhh, Red Rubber Stamps.

I kinda like this guy.
Life has thrown a lot at us.
...and we remain.
In Love.

Is that Cameron Diaz?
Nope, Better - that is Eryn.
She is so pretty.
So Sweet.
So Supportive.
So Smart!
Love Her!
Sly Guy though Kimber was pretty COOL!
She was RIGHT BY us at the Jillibean Soup Booth.
Love this Girl.
One of those people that you just want to hang with ALL THE TIME.

Sweet, Sweet, Maren.
So Real.
Hooray for Maren!
Once you meet her you will never forget her.
She is a friend for life.
She's a special one.
Always there.
Brooke represents Consistency and Love.
Adore her.
Sweet Jessica.
Stellar Tommy T.
Gorgeous Eva.
People you WANT to just BE around.
Eryn, Talented Michelle Woerner, Michelle, Me, Beautiful Kelly Landers, Eva.

It would NOT be the SAME without Gus.
He is BRILLIANTLY Entertaining and Encouraging.

Group Shot.

Our Booth from AFAR.
Ready to SHOP!?

Some Cuteness in the Ippity Booth
Susan Opal, Jimmi Mayo and some other Chick. :)
Adore these women, how could you NOT?
My beautiful BLUE-Eyed Friend.
She came into my life and inspired me even more.
Energy RUSHES out of her.
Loving Her Always.
Jimmi, my girl.
She is just as you would think she would be.
Sweet, Funny, Warm, and LOVELY.
Hey, who's that guy in the background?!

So there you have some of it.
There is SO MUCH MORE!
So MANY more picture.
Facebook has them all.
Take a peek!

Thanks to the people in these photo's and the people LOOKING at these photo's.
Unity EXISTS. 
It takes each and every single one of you to continue this Unified journey.
As it grows, it reaches and as it reaches it offers so very much.
Opportunity, Friendships, Inspiration and Dreams Realized for SO MANY.
The connection is sometimes so much BIGGER than I can even comprehend.

Life has thrown some twists at me through the past months.
I won't deny that.
I stumbled. A bit. Who wouldn't?
I am wandering around at times trying to find my way, do the right thing, figure things out, keep up,  just like everyone.
I am searching at all times for direction, inspiration, and just wanting to hang on to the positive energy
...and in the moments that I feel I can't take one more step forward one of YOU get behind me.
Thank You, for giving me strength.

P.S. Next Scrapbooking Kit - March 1, 2010 - WE have changed it to EVERY TWO MONTHS!