Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jimmi's Favorite Things Sunday!!!

It's Sunday...the Sunday of all Sundays.............Super Bowl Sunday!!!!!!!!! Yay!
I love football so I'm pretty sad that all I see in my sports watching future is well, baseball is not far away right??? Thankfully!

Anyway lets get onto some favorites!

I really LOVE this Coach purse.....I deserve it, don't I? Well, I am
way too frugal to spend $298 on a purse or on anything really but I love looking at it! And guess what I got in the mail yesterday? A 20% off coupon for the Coach OUTLET...yep, I'm definitely an outlet kind of girl! So, I told, I mean asked...Mike to take me there for Valentine's Day and I can get a purse as my gift and he said Yes! Yes is one of my favorite things, too ;D
Isn't this sweet Easter card by Carolina sooooooo sweet?? Easter is one of my favorite holidays, did you know that? It's a beautiful, meaningful holiday and...we get a day off at work for it, too and those are hard to come by! But I do love this card a LOT:

I mentioned it already but I LOVE FOOTBALL! I love everything about it, I love college and NFL both in different ways for different reasons...and those football pants, yeah...I do like those...LOL!
Today for Super Bowl Sunday I'm making some favorite snacky foods for the familiy:
French Dips
Jalapeno Popper Dip
Mini Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches
Stuffed Pizza Rolls

I love this card by Robyn! I love that she stamped on that fabric and the colors, it's SO pretty! If I owned fabric I might stamp on it,'s so cool!

I got a couple of new candles last night at the Yankee Candle store...and this new scent is awesome! I just love it. I think it's my favorite Spring scent of 2010, you have to go and smell it whenever you get a chance:D

Oh, how I love this card by a matter of fact, oh how I love EVA! Have I mentioned that? She is SO sweet and lovely, I really miss her, I'm so glad I got to meet her in CA...back to the card she made...I love this card. I would really LOVE to sew on my cards, it almost makes me cry to think about it! I do have a little sewing machine so I took it out of the box the other night to try to thread it and it made me so mad I actually threw it (don't judge, lol!) and then put it back in the stupid box...that thing haunts me, I just want to sew so this card really catches my eye...maybe some day I can willy nilly stitch all over my cards...some day!
(yes, I've watched all the tutorials and still can't sew)

Okey dokey, that's all for me today. I'm gonna go and head to Kohls with my coupon and see what I can find and then get to making my snacks for the day and watch Public Enemies and, I have lots to do, better run!




Brooke said...

i wait for your list each Sunday. just so you know... :)

Eva said...

I wait for your post on Sunday's too, Jimmy!!!! I always love your posts, your awesome personality totally comes through it!!! And I LOVE you, and miss you, too!!! Now I really wish you had stayed over at our house instead of having that awful experience on the way home from CHA. I would have taught you to stitch willy nilly in no time!!!!

Robynccgirl said...

I had to throw my mini sewing machine away! I hated that thing! You need the real thing! Go to a yard sale or a thrift store and fine a used one. It is fun! FYI we are moving up to VA this summer, hopefully we can do a get together!! Thanks for posting my card!

Crafty Jenn said...

I <3 football too! Honestly, what are we supposed to do after today? I agree, basketball--blah! :P At least spring training is starting soon!

That Coach purse is fabby. Purple is one of my favs. Enjoy your Valentine "gift". Lol!

NoraAnne said...

i have the same sewing envy :( i own two small sewing machines and a real big one and don't even know where to begin. each time i try it gets all tangled up and i end up wanting to throw it...LOl! You're not alone!

Carolina said...

I've been meaning to come by and thank you Jimmi for selecting my card...I too love Easter and the card was such a joy to put together and means that much more knowing that it brought a smile to your face! Thanks again!!!

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