DT Tuesday.....It's ME!

Me as in JIMMI :D

Hi there world...........how's your Tuesday going?
How's mine, you ask? Oh, thanks...it's going pretty well, was late for work because of a doggie accident, then a favorite song of mine (lollipop by lil wayne) came on when I pulled up to work so I thought "heck, I'm late already, might as well listen to it before I go in...", so I did and no one even noticed I was a little behind this morning ;) I'm sly like that.....and my work is SO laid back, I suppose I'd have to be 30 minutes or more late for them to notice not just a little 5 minutes...OK sorry for the play by play of my day so far, I'm thinking that's not what you came here for!

I made a little card for y'all last night with a little help from a friend. You know, that's the BEST thing Unity has given me, the BEST friends in the world! What would I have done if I didn't have sweet Maren last night to bug and talk to about what kind of card I would make for today??? I can tell you what, you'd be looking at a blank page right now 'cause I really needed my friend to send me some mojo and inspiration. I'm SO lucky!

OK, sorry, I took a detour again...I promise I'll stop that!

Here's that card I was talking about:

What do you think? Rachel (my daughter) said it looks like a *tree full of Valentine gumballs* and I kind of agree with her! She was also listening to the Rolling Stones in her room so that's where a little of the retro/funkiness came from for this card ;) It was an inspiring evening!

I used the FUN kit Lovely Bits and Baubles:

(I have another card using this kit on my blog, if you'd like to see it!)

I want to leave you with some thoughts that come straight from MY heart: