Tuesday, February 2, 2010

DT Tuesday... Brookie in the house!!

Good Morning!!
Brookie here..
hi-jacking the
Unity Blog
for DT Tuesday

If you saw THIS post
on Sunday, then you saw the
FUN and easy
Valentines treat bags.
I decided to give it a go...
here are just a few that I've done so far..
I have more made up, ready to decorate for
the kids teachers and other special people
that need a little TREAT.
This will be the FIRST Valentines Day for my
SWEET little neice & nephew.... so I thought
they should each  have a treat bag.
and one for MR. JONAH ANDREW
oh my gosh. they are the cutest babies EVER.
can you tell I'm a proud Auntie??!!

Ok.. what else??
I ADORE reading
Jimmi's favorite things each Sunday..
so here are a FEW of mine..
how much do I LOVE this?? A. L. O. T.
it is just jam packed with awesome images and sentiments
get yourself one TODAY.

Dunkin Donuts Coffee.
especially the French Vanilla.
can't think of a better way to start the day.
My sweet FAMILY.
each of these people are definitely at the
TOP of my FAVORITES list.

This quote. LOVE IT.


Thank you Angela for dreaming up Unity Stamp Company..
Convincing me to quit my job and join you...
Providing me with so many opportunities...
Believing in me when others don't..
Understanding that I'm crazy and unmanagable and loving me anyways...
Doing silly things and having tons of laughs together...
Being a wonderful friend always.



Christi Snow said...

awww, Brookie, this is an AWESOME blog post and I adore those little treat bags...too darn cute! smiles...

Jen said...

Those are the sweetest treat bags I have seen Brooke! You are so talented, and your niece and nephew are tooo cute, and your family pic is precious! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning and have a fab day!

StampinCathy said...

Those treat bags are awesome and you are going to make everyone's day with these. Your family is so cute and just love the quote too. I'm glad Angela started UNITY and glad she found you to be part of this awesome company.

Eva said...

Awwww....Brooke, you are not only Beautiful on the outside, but Beautiful on the inside, too!!!! Your post was amazing, LOVE that quote and look at your beautiful, sweet family!!! AND your treat bags are sooo adorable!!!! You are definitely one of my favorite people I know!!! Love ya!!! Eva

Tracy said...

Those treat bags are so sweet! That quote is one of my favorite and is hanging in my craft room! I need to read it many times each day.

Heather said...

Fabulous projects Brooke! LOVE the favorite things! You are truly one blessed little chica! Super big hugs!

Angie Blom said...

ah great Tuesday post Brooke.. love those cute photo's.. they are so cute.. love those treat bags.. stinkin' cute will have to try some.

Martha said...

awesome post and treat bags ;)

Angela said...

super big hugs to you. love you, brookie.

Lisa H. said...

what a fun post! loved those treat bags-yet another stamp set I think I NOW need!!!!

Kelly Landers said...

Brooke your treat bags came out so cute!! I love them!! I adored the quote you shared... it is so true!! :-)

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