Saturday, February 27, 2010

...a couple little sneakie peeks - MARCH Kit of the Month

Wanna hear how things happen at Unity?

I love this....

I made the Unity Kit of the Month for March.
Sent it to my Design Team.
It was brought to my attention that I had included a sentiment from LAST MONTH'S KIT in THIS MONTH'S Kit.
THAT needed to be fixed RIGHT AWAY.
i was so mad at myself.
my inbox dinged.
it was an email from Jenn Balcer.
was a sweet little picture and suggestion for a stamp.
SENT it to Lisa Hetrick.
and within a DAY
had this lovely stamp below.

I love when things just fall right into place.

Artist: Lisa Hetrick

Don't you LOVE THEM!
Wait till you see the rest!



Jessica said...

these are fabulous! can't wait to see the rest of the stamps!! I just get so excited when the first of each month comes around to see the new kit, it just keeps getting better and better!!!

Marcy H. said...

Love them!! Can't wait to see the rest of the Kit!! So enjoy getting the KOTM each month!! Love UNITY~~
Thanks for such gorgeous & Fun stamps!!

Michele Gross said...

Just proves once mistakes...only opportunities!
Love the peeks, can't wait to see the whole deal-e-o! :)

Jen said...

Lisa's creations are always a 'wow'! Can't wait for this one!

Eva said...

And we wouldn't want to have it any other way!!! It's just what's suppose to be and look at that gorgeous sentiment we wouldn't have been able to ink up! Love it and by the way the new blog ROCKS!!!!!!

PEA said...

Wonderful and sometimes accidents happen for a reason. Now aren't you glad that this was did?
Have a wonderful week

Junebugpins said...

Sounds like a BUNCH of stampin Happiness will head our way with this March kit! :c)
Just love my kit club! I always have Fabulous stamps to work with and you all bring them to my mailbox!

BonnieRose said...

OMG... now I know what maren meant last nite in the forums.. when she says one of the stamps ROCKS.. LOL perfect.. a jukebox! Love it... what a great kit.. omg... I"ve seen only 2 of the stamps and already I can't wait! LOVE THE KOTM.. so happy I am back!

Jenn Balcer said...

yes, look at those happy little things!

Love it, love you!

Kelly Landers said...

Gotta love "happy accidents" as I like to call them!!

Carol said...

Love the sneak peeks! I can't wait til tomorrow when I can see the entire set.

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