Funny Stuff !

Good Morning!
Happy Unity Thursday!

We are running around Unity EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US like CRAZY PEOPLE!
We are officially adults, now. HA!
Our building is FILLED to the BRIM with orders as Unity is spreading it's wings.
It is a VERY EXCITING thing!

Not to mention....CHA is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, the front room looks as if there has been a crafty EXPLOSION of some sort!

Love the energy....
I know I have said it before, but I just need to be repetitive.
I HAVE THE MOST amazing people walking this journey with me.
I do well under pressure.
.....and so do my Peeps.
TYPICALLY the FUN is in the Challenge of it all.

Chris has been putting the booth together and busy doing a ton of stuff outside in the COLD WEATHER.
He decided to put his BLACK FLUFFY Hat  (I WISH I HAD A PICTURE) on that he used to wear when he built houses 6 years ago in the Minnesota Cold.
  I hadn't witnessed that ugly thing placed upon his head for A LONG TIME.
However - Tuesday I had the privilege of seeing it once again - OH, how I missed it....NOT!

He walks into my office with the biggest grin on his face WEARING THIS HUGE BLACK "Thing" on his head.  It is just PLACED there, doesn't even cover his ears cause the FLAPS are just, well....FLAPPIN.  Ugly.

He walked into Eryn and Brooke's office and they both just busted a GUT.
Chris has this BIG HEAD and that FURRY HAT place upon it just AMPLIFIED his "features"!

WHO KNEW Everyone has THESE THINGS!  I am feeling LEFT OUT!
On Wednesday EVERYONE in the decided to show up for the morning meeting in "CHRISTIAN FASHION" - Thus the picture below.


Is that a BEAVER on your HEAD?!

I will be RIGHT BACK with more for TODAY!
In the MEANTIME.....
Check out my LADIES!
They have CRAFTY CREATIONS to share in grand and amazing fashion!