Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday Rambling....

Every single year since my oldest son Nic (on the far left of this photo) was ONE - we have gone to the same place to pick out our family  Christmas tree.
It is a lovely little nursery - decked out with christmas decor, a wood stove, cookies, cider, santa and a beautiful black lab.
The same people and the same gentle energy is present every single time we arrive.
Each year  I walk in with all four of my boys - and of course, it is a proud moment, knowing how much they have grown since our last visit.
THIS YEAR was very special to me. 
Nic will turn 18 in February.
It was bitter sweet.

I was reviewing my personal blog that I kept prior to Unity - and this stuck out.
I wanted to share it with everyone.

I know that this lifetime really is one moment long.
 All the memories will be tied up into one simple moment one simple feeling.
I am so filled with that emotion I sometimes feel as though my heart may burst. 
To have been given so many opportunities to love.
 I can't even believe it! 
The very best part? 
It will only get better. 


This was my favorite quote today!

......if you stumble - make it part of your dance.
Love that. 
I stumble a lot. 
Enjoy your evening!


Eva said...

Angela, this is such a beautiful post!!! And special for me, too, as my son just turned 20 years old yesterday....oh, how time flows, but if we loved them every one of those days, we gave so much love and they gave so much joy to us, didn't they???? Hugs, Eva

Katie Cotton said...

awww, love it!

Lori Craig said...

....beautiful picture, Angela. You have such a beautiful family. Beautiful post. Hugs!

Jen said...

Angela, you have such a beautiful family and you look like you could be a sister to those boys...what?'re their mom? heehee... Thanks for all the inspiration you give to us all in your words and quotes...luv that!

Yipee! Thanks for coming for a looksi. said...

dARlInG do NOT look old enough to have these age chicklettes!!! I thought you were 24 at best...seriously> I am stunned. Anyway gorgeous family and such a nice way to greet your friends and all of your Unity fans. Happy 18th...sniff sniff...i know what you should NEVER be allowed!!!

Leah the Orange said...

your little thought about the moment is a fabulous one - something we all need to keep in mind... but the stumbling one? ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT!

it's wonderful that you all go to pick out the tree - hope that tradition never gets "old". :)

happy holidays!

Espbfdl said...

I agree with the other ladies---you look fabulous, Angela! And your family is beautiful! TFS:)

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