Wednesday Rambling....

Every single year since my oldest son Nic (on the far left of this photo) was ONE - we have gone to the same place to pick out our family  Christmas tree.
It is a lovely little nursery - decked out with christmas decor, a wood stove, cookies, cider, santa and a beautiful black lab.
The same people and the same gentle energy is present every single time we arrive.
Each year  I walk in with all four of my boys - and of course, it is a proud moment, knowing how much they have grown since our last visit.
THIS YEAR was very special to me. 
Nic will turn 18 in February.
It was bitter sweet.

I was reviewing my personal blog that I kept prior to Unity - and this stuck out.
I wanted to share it with everyone.

I know that this lifetime really is one moment long.
 All the memories will be tied up into one simple moment one simple feeling.
I am so filled with that emotion I sometimes feel as though my heart may burst. 
To have been given so many opportunities to love.
 I can't even believe it! 
The very best part? 
It will only get better. 


This was my favorite quote today!

......if you stumble - make it part of your dance.
Love that. 
I stumble a lot. 
Enjoy your evening!