Merry Christmas! Love, Love, Love.

Christmas Eve morning has arrived in normal Christmas FASHION!
....or so it seems. 
I know it is right on time, however every single year I am slightly 
behind schedule.

This very moment I am watching my husband throw together some YUMMY egg sandwiches.
My house is warm and cozy and twinkling just as it should be the morning of Christmas Eve.
We all have a general sense of happiness that is lending to the energy of the moment. 

TONS of fluffy loveliness arrived late last night.
The word is that we are going to be hit with more snow than we have seen since 1942 in the next few days.  
I mentioned this to my son James....and he was DELIGHTED - His jaw dropped, followed by the most priceless look upon his freckled face as he raised his hands to the heaven's and whispered "YES!" with excitement!

James my 12 year old is assembling his layers of outside clothing - getting ready to help Tommy T blow the snow out of our driveway (what a GREAT guy that Tommy is!)

I still have 46 stocking stuffers to wrap.
Soon, sporting my fluffy robe and slippers,  I will proceed into the bedroom to accomplish that task.

I suppose I have laundry to consider this morning.
 Sawyer and Luke are BOTH singing in the Church Choir at 4 pm.
I am pretty sure they have NOTHING to wear as of yet.
I didn't buy Christmas Outfits for the boys. 
Considering the 67 loads of laundry we have at all times... I figured we had enough to choose from.
They are MUCH too into their own styles for me to even attempt dressing them up.
Being the laid back sort of mama I am, I have confidence they will dress in what they love and be ready for Church this evening.

------------------------------- we are....already!

Personally, this is my 36th Christmas Celebration.
That sounds like something a person looks forward to watching on Television
36th annual Christmas Celebration
The beautiful thing is WE are the creator of our own Christmas Story.
I hope YOU make YOURS beautiful, memorable and feel the Joy that we are all meant to feel in this Season of Miracles.
Christmas is Love.
It has been about love since the beginning of time.

"Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas"

May the Love in your life provide the GIFT of Happiness to you and YOURS.

God Bless, Merry Christmas and THANK YOU for being such a 
beautiful part of my life!