Jimmi's Favorite Things Sunday!

Hi everyone! It's Jimmi, here with some of my favorite things.

Christmas was SO wonderful for me! My sister came from FL with my niece who is 6 and my nephew who is 2 and it was just amazing to see the kids excitement on Christmas morning!!! 6 and 2 year-olds get a little more excited than 17 year-olds but Rachel was still as excited as I've ever seen her...probably a little of the kids excitement rubbed off :D

Onto some of my favorite things from this week!

It's totally my favorite thing to see my niece see SNOW for the 1st time in her life! Granted it was man-made and at Busch Gardens...but she was DELIGHTED! I just love the way she threw her head back and that smile on her face is priceless!

This card by Michelle Boyer @ Paper Cuts is totally one of my favorites! The little shelf she made and these colors are SO sweet!!!

Meeting Santa is another favorite thing of mine!!! When he asked what I want and all I said was more of my favorite lipgloss (which i'll share), he said I was the easiest gift recipient he'd talked to ALL YEAR, lol :)
HUGE sales and New Releases are definitely 2 of my favorite things!!! Most especially when the sale is MORE than 50% off and the new releases include PIRATES, PUPPIES, KITTIES and MORE....yippee!!!

Here's my FAVORITE lipgloss in the entire world. I have used 3 full tubes of it this year and just got a brand new one in my stocking! It's just the perfect color and shininess and it lasts long enough. It's by Bare Minerals and it's from the Buxom Lips line and the color is Dolly, it's a pale plummy/pinkish color....perfect!

This card by Jenn Balcer, oh my...how pretty is it? LOVE the colors and the pearls and the cutting around the die-cut with the scallop scissors, oh my!!!

Okay, so I broke down and bought a coat...I don't do coats so this was out of the ordinary for me, but we were going to Christmas Town on Christmas Eve and it was around 25* outside...so I hit my favorite store and found THIS coat and it was only $40! So it became mine and boy was I happy to have it, I was nice and cozy and warm all night long and stylish, too!
Ok how about this gorgeous card, so perfect for Valentine's Day, which is coming fast! It's by Lynn Mercurio, her blog is Stamperosity. I love these 2 sayings and I LOVE that rhinestone shooting star, isn't it fabulous?
How about my favorite thing I got for Christmas...it's a silly little thing but I love it because I didn't ask for it and I usually just get exactly what I ask for, not too many surprises, so this was a cute, fun surprise from Mike...a Buccaneers Beanie Cap! How cute is that? Well, lol.....if you don't love the Bucs like I do then it might not be cute to you...but you know what I mean ;D
I LOVE surprises...especially when they are GOOD surprises!
I hope you've had a wonderful Christmastime with your family and friends, however you celebrated! We are still celebrating and I am LATE because I need to leave in 1 hour to go to my in-laws for lunch and presents...so I better run, cause this hair doesn't look straight and shiny on it's own, haha!!!

And I will see you in 2010, WOW!

Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. ~Hal Borland