Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bachelor Bro FINAL WINNER of $750 worth of Unity! Woot! WOOT!

The packages came in one after the other.
We put them on Bro's Desk as they arrived.
He was very GOOD about not opening any of them till it was time.
Last night we let him loose.
HE felt like a kid at Christmas.
We video taped, however, our editor - who perfects the videos -
HE IS GETTING A Tattoo today - a 6 hour tattoo - YIKES! -  therefore the video is not available.
Here is Bro with his GOODIES!

I have claimed some of them as my own!
I hope that is alright with you, ladies!
They are JUST TOO ADORABLE for Bro to keep.
I need them.
We were ALL so impressed and GIDDY and just OOOOO'D and AWWWW'D the end of the day away!


Randi Wall
If we had the video you would see that NOT ONLY did she create this AMAZING, 100% adorable HOUSE but she filled it with goodies including a "little black book" for BRO.


She wrote 10 reasons why Bro should pick her house:

1. Because I am a little house in need of TLC
2. Because I am not just a house, but a box too.
3. Because I am wearig your favority Unity colors
4. Because my EYEletS are the color of burnished copper

5. Because I have a place to hold your favorite photo
6. Because I upcycle and I am eco-friendly
7. Because I can double as a raffle ticket holder....
8. Because I am wearing stamps from 6 different sets.

9. Because I love Unity SO MUCH, I am wearing it's logo twice.
10. Becuase if you take my top of......there's goodies inside!  WOWSA!


Courtney Kelley
Bro's Race Car Photo Frame

This one is PERFECT on his desk.  We all just LOVED it and got a GREAT laugh.
It is SO BRO, Courtney!
We loved it!
Angela Fehr
I love this frame.
This also is on Bro's Desk.
It is SO, SO, SO, Stinkin' ADORABLE!

Jenny Johns
Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
Hope you like this magnetic calendar....
I made just for "you"!
Ahhhh....SO SWEET.
This is the most amazing calendar EVER.

See the little side pack?
YOU KNOW WHAT is so CRAFTY about this?
It has a different sentiment that you can place at the TOP of the calendar according to your MOOD or what is going on in your life.
I so wish it didn't say "RYAN" at the bottom - but GUESS WHAT that is my MAIDEN I really COULD CLAIM IT!


Diana McCartney
Yep, stealing this as well - KIDDING!
He loved it!

Kristen Dyer
Merry Christmas to Bro!
(or me when i steal these too)
hee, hee, hee.
I cannot believe the WORK that went into these projects!

How adorable are THESE?

....and LAST but not LEAST!!!
Nancy McKinney
This is incredible. 
You have to read snippets of the letter that Nancy sent. 
I wish I could crawl inside her craft HEAD for ONE MOMENT.

This is how the letter started:

My Dearest Bro,
I'm sending you this gift as we come to
 the end of our exciting journey.
What a process.
I've loved every minute of it and wanted 
to reflect on each of our dates.
I know six other special, tlaented ladies 
are also vying for your attention.
Wish this gift be enough?
I though not that we know each other better,
it's time for "pillow talk"
I also hope you like the satin sheets.
{hubba, hubba}
For REAL?!
Who does that?
You are amazing!
She created EACH pillow after EACH Challenge that was posted EACH WEEK!
Who thinks of that?

She hung these adorable little pillows on DOGWOOD BRANCHES.
{I ran across the street from Unity and got these, but she sent a picture of the pillows on DOGWOOD from her garden.  She figured she would not send those due to customs issues.}

Close UP!

JaKob must have sensed the name of these branches cause he just LOVED this project.  He hung around it consistently.  Either that or he just has an EYE FOR TALENT like the rest of the Unity Family.

Isn't this exciting.
Aren't these women TALENTED!?

Nancy - YOU are the WINNER!
This is what you WON!

$500.00 Unity Stamp SHOPPING SPREE
$100.00 Worth of VARIOUS PAPER
6 Months of the Unity KOM FREE 
Starting Jan 1, 2010
Valued at OVER $750.00


CONGRADS to all the women!
You all did PHENOMENAL work!
We were SO VERY impressed!



Shuttermom said...

WOW what an array to talent. What cute little pillows. Congratulations Nancy!
My fave is that house; just too adorable all these girls are true artists.

Christi Snow said...

WOW!!! Every single one of these projects is nothing short of amazing! Wow!! I don't know how you all chose because they are all so fabulous, but all so do you even begin to compare??!? They are ALL winners! Congratulations to Nancy on that fabulous prize! smiles....

Randi said...

Congrats Nancy!! Those pillows are adorable!
So many amazing creations!! It's an honor to be among these talented ladies!!
Thanks again for the festivities! I am looking forward to the Amazing Race!!

Diana said...

Nancy Congratulations!! Wow you did a great job with all those pillows. Have fun shopping!

Robynccgirl said...

OMG! I'm so impressed with all the projects! I don't know how Bro was able to pick just one! Congrats Nancy!

Mary said...

Incrediable projects everyone!

Congratualations to each of you!!

Renee' Dezember said...

Such amazing projects!!! Congrats Nancy ENJOY your prize :D

JPScraps said...

Congrats Nancy. All the projects are amazing!! I wish I had half the talent of these ladies.

Nancy said...

Wow! I just got the news and thanks!!! Bro, so glad you like 'pillow talk' too! ;) The other projects are all unique--I knew they would be. So exciting to be part of this and creating with such talented women!

Angela Fehr said...

Congratulations, ladies! Especially Nancy - very cool idea and so fun! Enjoy your big win.
And I'm not too impressed with FedEx - I see a little damage on the frame I sent in. Boohoo!

Jen said...

NANCY, CONGRATS on such a fabulous job with those creatively awesome! Have a fantastic and fun time shopping!

Randy, Courtney, Angela, Diana, and Kristen...CONGRATS to you too! It was a pleasure to be among your company, and see such amazing and incredible was fun!

Now what's the amazing race going to be about? *smile*

Maria Levine said...

Holy Crow! Fabulous work ladies!!! Big congrats to Nancy, enjoy all those awesome Unity Goodies!!!

Courtney K said...

congrats nancy ~ awesome pillows! and all of the other projects were awesome as well!!!

Lindsay Spencer said...

WOW! Contratulations!!! Amazing job ladies.

Kelly Landers said...

How fun and what incredibly talented women they all are. It must have been so hard for Ryan to choose just one!!

Kathy Camasso said...

Wowee, these projects are all so fun, so imaginative! It must have been very difficult to choose a winner and such an amazing prize! Congrats to the winner and to all the finalists!

Kristen said...

Congrats to Nancy! I was so honored to be able to go up against every single one of these ladies! :)

I was especially honored to make something for Ryan ;) Even if Angela does steal the ornaments!

Thanks to Unity for such an awesome chance! Looking forward to info on the amazing race! :)

Amber said...

Holy moly! What amazing project the sweet ladies have created! Every single one of them is AMAZING!
Congrats Nancy, holy cow girl, enjoy your shopping spree!!!!!!!!!!!

Beate said...

I am speechless. Each project looks absolutely amazing! Congrats to everyone, especially to Nancy! I bet she won't have any problems spending that amount on Unity's gorgeous stamps!

whoistracy said...

All of the projects are AMAZING! Congrats to Nancy but also to all the other ladies as well. I loved seeing everyone's creations week after week.

Linda Cain said...

the house is wonderful! I LOVE it!

Linda Cain

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