What?! It is THURSDAY!

Unity Design Team Blog Hop
love thursdays! don't you?
These girls are showcasing the Kit of the Month and a new ALPHA set we created called Frame this Alpha. It is a very basic and lovely SCRAPBOOKING Alphabet that is easily grabbed over and over again. Alpha's are my fave.
So take a peek - and see!
Start HERE with Wendy.
First Blog Hop?

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Once you are done - click to the NEXT DT MEMBER.
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There are 20 Blogs to VISIT and you will be SO HAPPY YOU DID!

Look at my little man.
He is coming home from Bible Camp today!
I am sure he was thankful for the break from his mama. HA! :)
Should be interesting to see the small changes that have taken place inside his sweet little mind.
Off to get the day moving along!
Late start this morning - I need to CATCH UP!
Blame it on the BRO-MAN, he stopped by last night to solve the problems of the world. :)
We did come to the conclusion I need to see the movie Casablanca - I have NEVER watched it!
However - irregardless Legends of the Fall will FOREVER be my favorite movie.
I am kind of sappy like that.
Perhaps, tonight after TRANSFORMERS I will change my mind - Unlikely though.
See you back here at 11!

APOLOGY, By the way....
Last week in the name of organization I did my Friday Hip Hop Hangover Post EARLY - I listed the names of the people who had signed up on the Hip Hop Thread on Thursday Morning. THEN in the name of FUN did not remember to go BACK and add the rest of the list! I AM SO SORRY! I will DO BETTER this week and get the FULL LIST on my Blog for my post tomorrow. PLEASE FORGIVE ME, those of you that were not listed. :)