Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Time for another GARAGE SALE!

Time for another GARAGE SALE!
Great Chance to make your FIRST Unity Order - or order ONE HUNDRED!
If a Kit of the Month is showcased it will be $35.00
ALL OTHER Kits/Stamps showcased on W.O.W will be 50% off!
Shipping only $2.00 on Wednesdays for ALL ORDERS OVER $10.00
(USA Only!)
Not to be combined with any other offer.
May not be used with any other Discount Code!
Today's Garage Sale Includes:
EcoChic - $9
Created By: Bonnie Sharp
CLICK HERE to visit her BLOG
Becoming Butterfly
Created By: Michelle Bertuzzi
CLICK HERE to visit her BLOG

Beautiful Life
Colossal Flower
Bounded Hearts
Created By: Amy Castello
CLICK HERE to visit her BLOG

August Kit of the Month
April Kit of the Month
Created By: Kelly
CLICK HERE to visit her BLOG

November Kit of the Month
Created By: Eva Dobilas
CLICK HERE to visit her BLOG

Created By: Lisa Hetrick
CLICK HERE to visit her BLOG

Home is Where Your Story Begins
Created By: Shannon Harnist
CLICK HERE to view her BLOG


Click Here to VIEW THE NEW July Kit of the Month!
New Incentive Kit and ALL!


Angie's Scrappin Spot said...

some great specials today again.. i love garage sale day!!

Jenn said...

ACK!! I'm trying not to spend money, but I NEED that confessions kit at half off!!!!!!! I will probably sit here for an hour and debate it and then order!! You are killing me, but that's for the great deal! :)

Diane said...

Well, I just had to order the "beach set", funny thing is I was an enabler to my sister last week, she came for lunch and I showed her my Unity stamps and the KOM's I had, and she fell for them, too and joined also! Today, she was the enabler,ran into her at my Mom's, she ran up to my car and said, did you see the Unity garage sale? She ordered the beach set, too, so when I got home, I checked them, out, and now have a set coming, I think I need a job to support my habit!

Linda said...

I hope you and great forth...... and you have great sale...... hotwheels

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