My Heart is POUNDING!

Another late night - I guarantee.
Craft and Hobby Association (CHA)
I had NO IDEA those three letters would cause such a frenzy in my life!
I measure my life in 6 month time periods, due to this FUN Show!
Perhaps I need to be intelligent and just get ONE SIMPLE BOOTH that doesn't change - But I just LOVE to change it up every single time!
NEW, Cute, Adorable.
I can't even leave my living room with one arrangement for more than 3 months.
I am crazy like that.
...and for some reason the 5 guys in the house don't appreciate it.
Change is good -right?
I will just wake up, look at my little abode - and start moving furniture, change pictures around, pound new holes in the wall......some days I ponder ripping out walls.
I refrain.
3 hours later, VOILA! New House.
I love that.
So for me to attend this show with the EXACT same look - Couldn't do it.
You should SEE the mess in the front offices at Unity!
Eryn, Sabrina and I crafted away last night.
I can barely see Eryn across the room as there is a pile of Modge Podge, Lamp Shades, Ribbon, Flowers, Etc right between us.
After it is all done we will be giddy.
It is coming together -and will come together.
WHY OH WHY did I enter this world being such a procrastinator!
I work so much better that way, yet my heart is pounding with anticipation of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. heart is pounding for LOT'S of different reasons - but that is too long of list to start rambling off here!
In an effort to keep it simple for us - we have extended and added to our Garage Sale here at Unity.
Eryn has been busy looking in the back room for OVERSTOCK - and we assembled it all in one pretty little item category for you to snap up FAST!
CLICK HERE to take a peek.
If you were so sweet to place an order yesterday - we are going to have to ask you to simply place a NEW order today instead of combining. With all the orders that come in it is difficult to go back and combine orders. The shipping cost is a tiny $2. It is a great deal any single way you look at it.

It's the most unhappy people who most fear change.
~Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic's Notebook, 1966
(Bring on the Changes!)