DT Tuesday! Jimmi Mayo. Love this girl!

Jimmi Mayo
She has been with Unity from the very START.
One of my ORIGINALS!
Thank you so much, Jimmi!
I will have the honor of seeing this girl face to face in a very short time.
I am telling you. It makes me very happy to know I will FINALLY meet her.
She is so special to me, and this team.
She is a consistent strength and talent.
I am honored that she has continued to make the decision to stay with Unity through it all!
Big Hugs, Jimmi!

I just LOVE this card. Jimmi used the Unity Kit CONFESSIONS.
Love those flowers, by Lindsey Spencer - so many possibilities!

All that talent is being RECOGNIZED, as it should be!

Her amazing Father's Day Card is on the Moxie Blog today!

CLICK HERE to SEE! Hooray Jimmi!

Jimmi had a few words she wanted to share.

A favorite quote of the moment:
“Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright…”
Bob Marley
{ Thanks, Jimmi! I needed that one today! }

Current obsessions:
My new iPhone, plaid shorts and the new Black Eyed Peas CD “The End”

Click Here to visit Jimmi's FUN, FUN Blog.


Enjoy your day!
Brace yourself - Tons of Fun coming up this week!
Garage Sale tomorrow - and Unity Sales on Thursday!