Next Pages to my Book. My Heros.

It has become an obsession.
Pulling this book out is therapeutic.
I am SO HAPPY that it is coming together.
I printed off my personal blog that was started in 2007.
It has so many thoughts. So many stories.
I wanted to be sure they were printed off and tangibly placed within these pages.
Here are the next few pages, I promised I would share as I went along!

This is Luke at about 8.
Love this photo.

Used Distressed Dots, My Biggest Wish.

More random thoughts....

My biggest wishes for these boys:
True Love
Pure Happiness
Peace of Mind
100% Joy
Each and every day.
This is James and Sawyer
SEVERAL Years Ago!
All my boys have these HUGE Hands.
Their Daddy's Hands.
I wanted to showcase that.
We all got a good laugh out of "Tiny Sausage" Hands.
Love how James is looking at his tiny brother.

Tiny Giggle Grove
It reads:
Enjoy your Life...Make sure you add THAT to your "to do" list.
Because REALLY - THAT is what it is all about!
This last page is absent of far.
The opposite side of it is still in the works - so I will add some Unity Soon!
THAT is what I am going to do TODAY!
This is a quote I wrote up as it dawned on me that it is true.
Dreams do come true......It was appropriate for this boy.
My James. HE is a dreamer.
Love this picture.
Nic bought a new car.
Here are all his brothers cleaning it up with him.
He is riding in style now.
They were all together so, in MOM fashion I grabbed the camera.
They were sports and let their mama have her
Photo OP.
I have so MANY Hero Choices in my Life.
My Father in Law - A hero because of the time he served, but mostly because of the time he spends teaching and loving his family.
He is a hero in every sense of the word.
My Dad, My Hubby, My Brother.
All Hero's. All Brilliant.
A person of exceptional courage, nobility, etc.
I want to include my CHILDREN as my HERO'S.
Every single day they are growing, experiencing, figuring out what they stand for .
Each day they are faced with decisions that form who they will become.
Growing up - has so many challenges.
I have to give the children a ton of credit.
It take courage to stay on the straight and narrow.
I say my prayers of THANKS every single day that My Boys are working hard at making good choices.
To get to where they are going.
They do this because they WANT to.
I don't have many rules.
Because of this....
They are my Hero's
God Bless.
The stellar individuals.
Serving this Country.
Past and Present.
Thank You.