Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WOW! We have some STUFF going on!

Today is a nice day.
We are busy getting ready for Hip Hop.
Training people in for new positions within Unity Stamp Company
Enjoying the fact that the birds are now singing outside our building!
I am going to START with a few WOW creations that I picked out from the Wednesday Challenge Thread that is posted each and every single Wednesday in the
Unity Splitcoast Forum
Here is the challenge this week:
"My challenge is going to be to use something that is not originally for card-making on your card or altered item. Like yarn, foil, something from a gift wrapped package, something recycled. "

Latish made THIS adorable card.
Click HERE to view it in her Splitcoast Gallery
Click HERE to take a peek at more of her creativity on BLOG!

Michelle made this adorable SNAIL Card for the Challenge!
Click HERE to view her Splitcoast Gallery.
Click HERE to take a look at more of Michelle's Creations on her blog!

Guess who is celebrating a birthday today?
{the guy in the green}
Who is Gus - Well - He is one of the Unity Boys.
...and he is kind of a big deal. HA!
Gus is celebrating his - ????? Birthday.
How old do you think he is?
Leave a guess - in the comment section!
along with a little BIRTHDAY HELLO - for a chance to win THIS.

The LUCKY winner from yesterday is....

Juls said...
Happy St. Patrick's Day!I just found your site and I'm hooked. I am for sure going to order the Time for Travel stamp set!! My friends and I are going to Maui in May and this set is perfect! Thanks!
ATTN: Juls!
Please email to claim your LUCKY Prize!


Maren our girl is featured on MOXIE today! Be sure to check her out!
She also has MORE, MORE, MORE Fun on her BRILLIANT BLOG!
Zany Not Crazy!
{click here to take a peek!}

April is just around the corner!
...and guess what!
April 1, we will debut a BRAND NEW Kit for Unity's Kit of the Month!
I have a special treat for you!
I am going to show ONE April Kit of the Month Image every single day till APRIL 1!
I have 22 images in the April Kit of the Month
{which is not even NAMED yet!!}

Here is your Sneak Peek!

Hooray Lindsay! I love it!
Come back to the
Unity Blog
to see
more images!

CLICK HERE to sign up for the Kit of the Month.
If you sign up in the month of March you will get our
MARCH Kit of the Month - Simple Life.
You will also get a confirmation email once you sign up for $15 off a PAST KIT OF THE MONTH.
A FREE GIFT from Cosmo Cricket!

Please Note:

If you would like to sign up and pay VIA PAYPAL each month - please email and Lori will take care of that for you!

Busy day!
I am off!
Come back to do the BLOG HOP tomorrow!
Fun Easter Egg Hunt...
AMAZING Special that only takes place a FEW TIMES a YEAR!
March Madness, I think.

Oh, my friend, it's not what they take away from you that counts. It's what you do with what you have left.
~Hubert Humphrey
{powerful, and true}


Shemaine said...

Hey Gus! Happy Birthday! hope you have an Awesome day! I'm guessin 34. I have no idea but it was teh first # that came to my mind. Don't be mad if i guessed too old, maybe it's cause you just have that mature hunky look goin on...Oh Wait that's Christian!!! LOL

Cassi said...

Happy 30th Birthday Gus!

Angela W said...

Happy Biirthday Gus! I am going to guess 32, cuz that is what I am today! I love the first of the April sneeks!

GabrielaD said...

Happy Birthday Gus!!!

I am going to guess 35.

I asked my 7 year old son and he said 25... my 4 year old, thinks you are 18... lol. So if you ever feel old, ask a kid.

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Gus!!!! I'm going to guess 33.

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday GUS! I am guessing 33! And I am loving the first pic of april's KOM :)

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Gus! I'm gonna guess 32.

Tamara said...

Happy Birthday Gus!!

(my guess was also 32)

Karen said...

Today it's your Birthday.....duh, duh, duh, duh.....Happy Birthday to ya!!!! Have a good one Gus!!! From Gma!!!! lol And your age.... well, it's not a number!! ;)

KAP said...

Happy Birthday Gus! I would guess that you are 28. Hope you have a great day!!

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Gus!!

I'm guessing 38. :)

Heidi M

Susan said...

Happy Birthday! I'm guessing 27.

Lisa H. said...

Happy Birthday, GUS! My guess is 34!

liannallama said...

What great samples today! I'm guessing he's 30 (Happy Birthday!) I would call the kit "Love from Lindsay!" What a cute image--can't wait to see the rest of the kit!

Audrey said...

Happy Birthday! I'm guessing 29!

robinww said...

Happy, Happy Birthday from all of us to you! Hope it is a great one.
I'm guessing 31.

Karinn said...

Happy birthday to you, Gus! Hope you're having a fun day!!

I'm guessing 28!

Ravengirl said...

Gus looks young! Maybe 30, 31! Love the sneak peek Angela. I can't wait to come back for the next peek!

Jenn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUS! Gotta Love a PISCES! How about 29?

Michelle (aka mybelle101) said...

Happy Birthday, Gus!!

Super excited (already!) about the April KOTM...and March's hasn't even arrived yet! Seriously, Angela, Unity really is an addiction for me! And I LOVE IT!! :)

lexi said...

Gus is 26 !?!? Happy Birthday!!

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday Gus! I'm going to guess about 27. Have a great Birthday.

Ade said...

Gus, you're lookin' about 30 to me. Happy Birthday!!

pbo said...

Hope this is your best birthday ever Gus! I am guessing 42!

de said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
StampinCathy said...

Beautiful eye candy and a fun challenge. Love the sneak peek so far. Happy Birthday Gus!!! I'm guessing he will be 21.(teehee) No my guess is 32.

Suz said...

Have a super duper birthday Gus! He sure doesn't look it but I'm guessing something different than others so I'll say 40

Purple Princess said...

Happy Birthday Gus! My guess is he is turning 31.

4guysandagirl said...

Happy Birthday Gus! I think you look @ 32, but it wouldn't be a contest if you looked your age so my offical guess is 39. Have a great B day!!!

jules p said...

Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday to YOU!

Happy Birthday Gus!

I am guessing he is celebrating his 32nd birthday.
Hope that is it!

AG said...

Have a GREAT b-day, Gus! My guess is that you are 32 today! Have a good one!

Tammy said...

I'm going to guess 36, even though you don't look it Gus! Happy Birthday!

Stephanie Niavez said...

I am gonna say that Gus is turning 31. Happy Birthday Gus!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Gus!!! Guessing you are 32. Received my wonderful March kit it. April preview looks great.

Jacqueline said...

I love the sneak peek!! amazing! Happy birthday Gus!! I will guess 32 with the masses! so much going on with Unity, I love it!!

Michelle said...

The present stamp is so cute! And the butterfly flowers from the April KOTM - ack!!!! Must.have.them. Now to convince my husband that Unity KOTM is a normal household bill... lol As for Gus -- I'm going to guess 35 and wish him a Happy Birthday, whatever age he is.

Janet S said...

Hi! I love guessing games. Since you are making a BIG deal about his birthday and he looks pretty young, I would guess he is celebrating his 40th birthday. He doesn't look a day over 30 though. *wink* Hope you had a great one, Gus!!!!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, Gus! I'm guessing you're 33.

KellyB said...

Happy Bday! I'm gonna say 37, just because I didn't see that number yet! :) But you look more like 27 so ?

Jennifer Hodge said...

Happy Bday Gus! I would guess 31.....???

Latisha said...

Guys age so well, so this is tough. I will guess 33, but you look younger...I have know idea honestly lol....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Love the sneak peek of the April kit, loving the butterfly flowers.
What a surprise to see my card on your blog, way cool!

Marcy H ~ MI said...

Well my guess is Gus is celebrating is 40th birthday...
Whichever day is it hope is was
a blessed day...

Diane said...

I was going to say 28, but someone else I will go with 35..hey why not, you would still waaaaaaay younger then me...LOL!!!

Cheri Howard said...

Happy birthday, Gus! I'm guessing you're turning the big 4-0, but you look lots younger than that!

Georgia said...

Hi Gus...Happy Happy Birthday to you...just a fun guess 42!! but like everyone else there is no way telling your look very young.

Marilyn Hitterman said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GUS!!! I'm pretty bad with age guesses, so please don't be hurt if my guess of 37 is older than you really are.

Shannah O said...

I'm gonna go with 30 since that's what I just turned. Happy Birthday Gus! :)

Jenn S said...

Happy Birthday Gus!

Omar said...

GUS!!!!!!! Happy Labor day to your mother!!!! I guess you are 52!

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