Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Specials.

The Blog Hop was Fabulous!
A HUGE thanks to everyone for your participation!
There were a few little glitches along the way, however considering the amount of participation it went very well!
Next Blog Hop May 15-17th
"Unity Kit of the Month" Blog Hop!
limited to 100 participants
A HUGE Thanks to AJ, my DT Coordinator for spending an hour on the phone with me while we did as much fixing as we could - thanks as well for continuing to get the hop to run smooth!
Did you see the FULL April Kit of the Month?
What shall we name it? It has no name! Help!
Suggestions Welcome!
Keeping this post short and sweet!
Just a REMINDER of the Specials ending at Midnight!
Take a peek at my Website for the amazing
Bundle Packs and NEW CUSTOMER Perks!
Check it out!
Off to clean!
My dad is coming over for Lasagna - Chris makes the BEST Lasagna!
So we are going to spend the evening talking smart and enjoying family.
My mother is still in Florida - If you are reading this, mom - YOU are invited for Lasagna too!
However tired you may be of quotes - I still need to keep it real.
Day to day life is just inspired one teenie bit more when we reference the wisdom of one another - and typically if your name is on a quote - you have a wee bit of wisdom.
That is why I love them so much!
When just starting out on a new journey it's only natural to feel vulnerable.
After all, it may seem that you have much to lose.
But may I remind you that never again, at any other point in the same journey, will you have so much to gain."
Mike Dooley
I love that!
It is so very true!
I can't even BEGIN to explain all the amazing experiences in life that have come from Unity. The people. The lessons. The growth. The opportunity.
SO MUCH TO GAIN, more than I ever realized!
How is your journey going?
Of course, I hope it is FABULOUS!
Enjoy your Sunday!


dclouser said...

Blog hop was fabulous, Angela! Thanks for putting it together. Can't wait to get the April KOM. How about "Happy Days" for a name (it's not only part of the one quote you have, but also refers to long-awaited spring!)

Joy said...

I love the new kotm, how about Springing into Summer?


Valerie G said...

I can't wait to get this KOM. How about Celebrate Life?

Kim said...

"Bits and pieces of happiness" comes to mind when I see this kit. Which by the way is amazing!! So glad I'm a kit club member!

PatBowman said...

The April kit is adorable. How about naming it "Put a FLING in your SPRING"?

Mary Friederichsen said...

Thanks for all the fun yesterday!
What came to my mind today when looking at the kit was "cherished moments", or"cherished Times"
The 2 "sisters" walking hand in hand, things of spring that they could enjoy together,the talks they share.
probably silly but that is where I went with it!
Take care,enjoy your Sunday!

Janet S said...

Here are a couple of ideas for your April kit:
Spring is in the Air
Signs of Spring
It's Bloomin' Wonderful

That's about it for my brain right now. Have a great week.

Margie said...

Thanks for the Hop! I had a ton of fun and a lot of inspiration to last a looong time ;)
Love the new KOTM! How about... "Spring into Summer" or "Shine some Spring" :)

Lisa F said...

How about
"Shine on"
"Happy days are here again"
"Grow, Celebrate, Shine!"

Karen said...

With all the(butterflies, birds & kites) in this kit i thought of 'Flights of Fancy'!

Jenn said...

So many good ideas on the hop, loved it!

How about Fanciful Frolic

of the beauty of spring

Lisa F said...

I thought of a couple more

Beautiful moments
Thoughts of spring
Cherishing moments

Angela W said...

I was also thinking something with spring in it! My suggestions for the April KOTM are Celebrate Spring, Spring Shine, or Hello Spring!! The Blog Hop was awesome, can't wait until the next one!

Sara said...

The blog hop was great!!! I had fun following along and everyone's creations were incredible!

How can I be part of the next blog hop???



Lisa L. said...

How about naming it "Loving Living" - everything about it are things that make life so much more enjoyable! Beautiful kit! Lisa L.

Tinker and JingeBear's Mom said...

Awakening Spring.

I'm so thrilled with the blog hop that's done, and the one to come!
Cheers! ~ky

Lindsay Spencer said...

I LOVE the kit! I love those stick people, so cute! The name that came to mind for me is "The Wings of Spring"

Becky Carafa said...

How about Spring Happenings?

Robynccgirl said...

Great weekend Angela! The new kit looks awesome! How about calling it "Beauty Within"?

My Angel said...

How about Hats off to Spring

It was fun to blog hop saturday.
You guys did a great job.

Enjoy your day...:]

jan farnworth said...

flying into spring or create something beautiful. the link for the next blog hop to get details is not working.

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

April kit is FAB!

As far as a name... I like just plain old "shine"!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Ohhhh what a FABULOUSLY adorable kit!! It's my BIRHTDAY month ya know!!!!!!!!! :)

Hmmm.........lots of great suggestions so far for naming the April KOTM!!!! I can think of with the kites, birds and butterflies..................

Springtime Flutterings

Tamara said...

The blog hop was awesome, but tiring. It takes more time that I would have thought to visit, and comment on, over 200 blogs.

I think you should call the April kit "Soar" because of the butterflies, bird, and the kites.

Scrapycandy said...

KOTM: Spring Chic! {lots of style going on :)}

Thanks to everyone for the great weekend inspiration! (and all your hard work, Angela and AJ)

Jacqueline said...

the blog hop was wonderful!!

how about "hand in hand"..."spring friendship"

KellyB said...

The blog hop was awesome, thanks so much for everyone's hard work!
How about "Hello Spring"?

noell said...

I'm brand new to Unity Stamps, just seeing this for the first time. I love the idea of a Blog Hop! I'm sad I missed it. I'd love to find out more for the May hop but the "click here" link isn't clickable. Am I just confused? =)

Host, Paperclipping

Leingang Crew said...

I absolutely LOVE Unity Stamp designs...I haven't splurged yet, but I PLAN to soon!!!

When I saw the April set, I instantly thought of "Granny's Closet".

fchild313 said...

I love the new kit! I can't wait to see it in person. The first thing that sprung to mind was "Welcome Sunshine"

whoistracy said...

The new kit is amazing!! How about "Vintage Shine". It has a vintage feel to me. Love that dress form.

Kristen said...

Angela, thank you for the awesome idea of the blog hop! It was incredible! :) I actually made it through and was able to comment on all of them but two. I am hoping to be a KOM member before the 100 fills up! :)
As far as names:

Springtime Fling
Swinging into Spring

Audrey said...

Looking at April's kit, I'm thinking of ...
Spring Fling
Whizzin' By

Brenda said...

I looked at the April KOM, and immediately thought "A Walk in the Park". You've got greenery, butterflies, children, kites, even a lovely hat that in olden days women would have paraded around the park on a Sunday afternoon (along with the new dress that they had just removed from that adorable dressform). What could be more perfect?

A second idea I had was "Memories of Spring". As another commenter stated, the collection has a vintage feel about it, so the 'memory' aspect seems appropriate.

Whatever you call it - it's FABULOUS!!

andrea said...

how bout...
butterfly kisses
sisters in spring
pieces of me
pieces of spring
celebrate spring wonders
sisters in celebration
april wishes, april kisses
spring things
love the way our love grows
spring cornicopia
lovely bits of spring

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