WOW! Look at Kristine, artist & papercrafter!

{Watch Out Wednesday}
We love finding phenomenal talent right out our front door!

That is exactly what happened!

Kristine participated in MOPS at the same time I did. She was in charge of the crafts, with Brooke, I think! I wrote the newsletters.

It was a lovely time in our lives. Small children. A chance for women to come together. We had a wonderful group of ladies.
Little did I know that only a few short years later Kristine would be one of the FIRST people to come to mind when we were launching Unity.

She sketched out Giggle Grove on a napkin at the coffee house right in front of me.
She is so talented.
She has held in there with the growth. Through it all she has created some very adorable images and I am so happy to have her as part of the Unity Family of Artists.

Kristine Bents

"What a “happy day maker” being a WOW girl is.
I am so honored to be a part of Unity this way.
Plus, it is great to have any excuse to take more time to create!"

"Scrapbooking is what grabbed my heart though and watching my kids pour through the albums with my heart poured into the pages is a constant reminder of why I continue to create. I love all forms of art though, paper crafting, drawing, painting, sewing and anything that used my hands and makes a mess!"

"I love sharing this passion with my children also. I think it is important to allow them to create, color outside the lines as well as think outside the box. Most recently I have been designing stamps for Angela at Unity, which is beyond awesome to see something you made used by others. I love it!"

Why I love stamps?
"They are the go to for any art project, whether scrapping, card making, or creating on canvas. They are so versatile and easy to use. Mistakes almost always equal a new idea, so embrace them."

Favorite colors:
Green, green and green! I love it! Not to mention browns, yellows, oranges, aquas, etc. However, I struggle with purples and reds.
While scrapping/crafting:
I usually have no radio, TV or anything. Just me and my cutting and pasting.
I usually have something to drink – ice tea, chai tea, water

I usually clean up after each project, I probably waste more time organizing than anything.
I usually can work on a LO for a whole day. 1 Layout = 1 day, yup, I am slow and add too many details

I always stand up
{me too, Kristine!}

I adored the quotes that Kristine shared with me today!

Some favorite quotes:

You may search my time-worn face, You'll find a merry eye that twinkles. I am NOT an old lady, just a little girl with wrinkles.
{love this one!}

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.

Dear God, each morning when my child’s feet touch the floor, may they take my child in your footsteps and lead him where you want him to go.
If you would like to learn more about Kristine and see her phenomenal talent:
Click Here!

I hope you take a moment to visit her. She is the TALENT BEHIND Giggle Grove! How much have we appreciated THAT ONE!!!!! Leave her some love for sharing her talents!
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...I am missing others - she saves me every single time I need stellar images!
We love her!
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