Some ducks....and Hip Hop Hangover!

Eryn and I thought we needed some FUN music to get the "happy" flowing!
it is late in the day.
you know how THAT goes!
Welcome, weekend.
We have a river RIGHT across the street from Unity.
With a family of ducks residing.
It was a beautiful day - and the river was brilliant and sparkly.
So, of course, the camera came out.

It was Michelle's first day at Unity. {Michelle is the pretty gal to the left of me in the photo}
She is going to fit in BEAUTIFULLY at Unity, and let me tell you - Her and I have some brainstorming to do - which I hope...will lead to some grand opportunity for TONS OF WOMEN!
It is a secret for now, but today was the start of something wonderful!
Be excited, be VERY excited!

Here is our little Unity Family of Ducks!
We have claimed them as our own!

Cherie! I love your layout! Wanted to SHARE WITH EVERYONE! So adorable!
Thanks so much for using Unity!

My Girls.
I love these girls.
Our Customers.
Every Friday.
Every SINGLE Friday.
Amazing Loyalty.
All I can say is THANK YOU!!!!
...from the bottom of my heart.
You all ROCK!

Pay them a visit.
Leave them some LOVE.
They are all special.
Every single one of them.
I have some winners for the CHA Make N Take!
Angela {The Scrap Room Blog} off AJ's Blog
NewStampinAddict off Amber's Blog
Stephanie Niavez off Anne Marie's Blog
Lisa L. {anonymous} off Christi's Blog
arlsmom aka Lynda off Heather M.'s Blog
Lela off Jeanne's Blog
Jan Farnworth off Jen B's Blog
Tinkers Mom off Jimmi's Blog
Tink off Linsey's Blog
Stephanie Smith off Maren's Blog
Please email Be sure to put MAKE N TAKE in the subject line!
We will send out a cute little finished magnet to decorate your fridge!
Fun Stuff!
More winners - I did not have time to complete the list today - something to look forward to!
Sorry for my short attendance in HIP HOP once again.
Will I ever have the time again?
It is bittersweet.